Report: Gosselin Kids "Depressed" By Kate's Dancing with the Stars Appearance

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Kate Gosselin has officially gone Hollywood.

Eight kids in Wernersville, Pa., don't like that one bit. Why can't a mom have fun, Kate Gosselin asks in People magazine. Um, because you have eight freaking kids.

Not even three months after Kate and Jon Gosselin's divorce was finalized, their twins, 9, and sextuplets, 5, are struggling with even more upheaval.

Despite the makeshift studio they installed in her house, Dancing with the Stars still requires that Kate, its new cast member, be in L.A. at least three days a week.

The children are taking it hard. Minded by five nannies in her absence, the "depressed" kids "were asking, 'When is Mommy coming home?'" an insider reported.

Kate Gosselin Cleavage

In fact, as she trained and promoted her Dancing with the Stars stint (debuting March 22), Kate spent February 21-March 5 away from the kids.

Two days a week? Hardly.

Twins Cara and Maddy "seem depressed when Kate isn't around," another source says. Five-year old Aaden, Collin and Joel, meanwhile, "got into trouble at school."

It's a disturbing pattern, but their mom, who "wants to be a huge star," justifies her "work" with a surprising comparison - that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do it!

"She frequently says Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have lots of kids and their parents are away for long periods, working to support them," a family insider said.

Don't the kids usually go with Brangelina, though? Just wondering. And where's Jon Gosselin? Morgan Christie can't part with his two-inch package a few times a week?


haha, funny how someone who just has 8 kids and some of them happen to be born same time can be known as a "STAR" she annoys me SOO much, has anyone seen her BEFORE the show?! she looked WAY different. really pisses me off that she gets all this money for having 8 kids. its ridiculous. and i agree with everyone, get this attention seeking bitch offff!


those boobs a soo fake xD
what a dumbass, leaves her 8 kids that need their whore of a mom home, and shes out dancing with the stars. !"#€%&/(/&%€#"#€%& ?????


I think that it is great that Kate is on Dancing with the Stars and I sure hope that she wins. I think that she is a terrific Mom and I think that alot of people are just jeaulous. Way to go Kate -- you go girl. And Kate if you read this -- those eight little kids don't know me from a hole in the ground but give them a great big hug for me because I know that they love you.


Get this attention whore off of Television and back looking after her kids.


Jenna, please don't insult Witches!!!


She has 5 nannies, she won't let her x have a few more days with the kids while she is gone doing her thing. She would not need 5 nannies if she stayed home or let Jon come and stay with the kids when she is gone like he wants to do. I think she is a very selfish person and thinks only of herself. A good mother, NOT! She just wants to be in front of the cameras. She is not a good speaker at all, she can't act, what can she do? NOTHING. I will not watch DWTS as long as she is on there.


You guys are a bunch of self righteous losers. I hope you are all stay at home moms and never leave your children to make a living...but judging by the amount of time you spend here critisizing Kate you are probably all on welfare.
She is doing what a single mother does, she is making money to support HER FAMILY.
I am a single mother, and I am probably away from my home more than she is and I do it because I have to make money.
If I could be a celebity I would...good money.
Jealous B*tches everyone one of you....all I can do it laugh at your ignorance


I think Kate is all about herself, fame and money,costmetic surgeries and hair extensions to the cost of $7,000!!!. She did not need a big house but got it anyway. SHe thinks she is a star, she is not and she does not have the money of angelina jolie and brad pitt. SHe does not do it for the children but purely for herself, she goes to New York to fashion shows!! what for a mother of 8 should be with her children not at fashion shows. SHe thinks she is on the same level than film stars SHE IS NOT. Go back home and look after those children, go back to work as a part time nurse so that you can do so and if it cost to much money to run your household sell the big house and go back to the small house that you had. I too do not like her since I saw how she was treating her x on national TV. MB


No breast implants? Yeah, right. The photo evidence is right here:
Before implants: After implants: Why don't you run a story on Kate's LIE?!?


The truth is finally coming out. Kate really is a Witch and a bad Mother. All she wants is to be on TV, it has gone to her head. No one wanted to believe it especially with all her WONDERFUL HEART LOVING BOOKS which she didn't write.
These kids were wanted for only what they gave Kate and Jon money and notariety.
Kate you are NOT a Movie Star and you never will be. Please go away and live off all the money people have given you when you asked and cried for it.

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