Report: Elin Woods Wants to Bail on The Masters

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Tiger Woods plans to return to golf at the Masters in Augusta, Ga., on April 8.

Elin Woods plans to skip that if at all possible, according to various reports.

The golfing great's scorned spouse has been weighing whether to attend the tournament, which would be a very public display of support for her husband.

That's obviously just the scenario Tiger's camp would like to see happen at the event, according to a source, who declined to say if Elin is still wearing her chastity belt of spikes, but notes that his pressure alone won't make her decision.

On the contrary, even:  "Elin does not want to go to the Masters and is preparing for a trip to see her family and friends in Sweden," an insider dished.

Will Elin Woods have Tiger's back, or turn hers on him?

"She is also being asked by Tiger to attend the Masters, even if for only half a day, to look like she is interested in supporting Tiger's return to golf."

"But really, she would rather not be there."

Instead, the source believes the intensely private Elin will continue to keep a low profile and fly a commercial airline to Sweden, where her family lives:

"Tiger's [private] plane is too 'in your face' for her now. She does not want to go to Augusta, and it is easier to be far away than home in Orlando."

While things appeared to be going well for the couple, committed to living together and rebuilding his image, things took a bad turn at some point.

We're guessing it was around the time when Joslyn James unleashed a slew of Tiger Woods text messages upon the world. Angry, filthy sexts, too.


I agree that it's pretty insensitive of Tiger and his team to ask Elin to be at the Masters, especially after what he has put her through. I think he's an arrogant, selfish jerk for even asking her to live with him under the same roof. He most likely wants her to feel guilty over not being at the Masters for him. He's beyond despicable. I don't understand how she could even be in the same room with him, children or no children, money or no money. She's set women back a century! He's shown no respect for her, marriage, or his children. Looking at him makes one want to reach for the barf bag.


I wish the tabloids would leave Tiger and Elin alone. For God sakes if it was the guy next door who was a ditch digger by day who would care and it would never make the rags. There is so much worse things going on in our planet lets stop talking and feeding this moronic obsession and get serious with things that matter. These prostitutes or Tiger's mistakes have a nerve. They all wanted what they never got...a meal ticket. Get over it people.


What about stopping these false stories. Why don't you publish the identities of "the source", "a source" and "another source"?


I think I agree with Joyce, but I'm sure Elin is getting solid advice and will make solid decisions, Tiger really isn't worth being with. A one night stand is one thing, but these on-going affairs are something totally different. So he wants to have affairs, let him, and she can raise her babies, take care their future and be the classy lady she is. I believe in her 100% in her capability to make solid decisions as to what's best for those she is committed to caring for. Doesn't include her skanky husband I betcha. Peace to Elin and her children.......


go black dude


drop that zero and get you a hero elin


Just leave tiger woods alone with his wife and family and go do write about something better for your readers. He's been in trouble and admitted that then what else do you still want from him or see him do. He's only human. Go for a vacation and refresh yourmind from someone else's problem.


I wouldn't blame her for not being there, but I would blame her if she didn't hire a private detective to give her all the feedback of his being there alone.LOL


How could Tiger Woods or anyone else ask or expect Elin to go to the Masters? How insensitive can they be? Elin has suffered enough, already. Elin does not need to subject herself to the frenzy and circus like atmosphere that seems to accompany Tiger Woods everywhere he goes. Elin and the children have been the true innocent victims in this horrid ordeal!


Why did tabloid have the magnify the fact that Elin is not supporting Tiger in back to golf ? Perhaps she is not that supportive of him back to golf now, but so what, why do tabloid has to publicise it as if it is the end of the world that Elin is not in the green with Tiger... To be frank, if Tiger can do this solo, it is even better for him, because it will dissociate his wife's image behind his back each time people see him in the green.

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