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Well, there's always Eclipse.

While Robert Pattinson fans are excited over that movie's first official trailer, we have some sobering news: movie critics have responded harshly to the actor's first starring role as an actual human being.

Most of the Remember Me reviews are more critical of the script and the story than of the performances by Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin, but the following excerpts can't be what anyone associated with the film wishes to hear:

A small, dense chamber study of unhappy people looking for hope in the darkness, often literally. - Houston Chronicle

I hate the ending. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it more than Kim Basinger hates Alec Baldwin. I hate it more than Garfield hates Mondays.  -

In Remember Me love means never having to say you’re sorry, particularly to the audience. - The New York Times

Remember Me represents Robert Pattinson's attempt to prove he can do more than sparkle like a faux vampire, but the case he presents is not convincing. - ReelViews

If Remember Me is remembered for anything at all, other than being yet another Robert Pattinson vehicle, it will be for its over-the-top ending, which ranks high amongst the most shameless jerkers of tears ever unleashed upon lachrymose teens.  - The Toronto Star

There's no shame in exploring tragedy through art. But exploiting it to make your very ordinary movie feel more important? That's another story. - The New York Daily News

Mini-spoiler warning: The movie is set in 2001, soon after 9/11. It sounds like many critics take exception to the film's depiction and possible manipulation of that tragic event in American history.

Remember Me opens today. Will you go see it this weekend? If so, write in and share your views with the THG world.


The movie was great. One thing I like to add to some comments here is that...I understand why some people were upset about the ending and hated it. I think its mostly people who expereinced 9/11 in some way who didn't appreciate the ending. However, I don't think people should be upset about that. I was sexually abused, which was very traumatic, but I didn't say I hated "Precious" or any other movie about sexual abuse or had sexual abuse in it. I actually feel comforted that I am not the only one when I see or hear other peoples stories. I'm sure people who were killed or injured by 9/11 attacks didn't expect it that day, just like the movie, ending was unexpected. All those people in 9/11 had stories. Every single one of them. Why couldn't the story in Remember Me happen? All kinds of traumatic things happen to people on a daily bases. It doesnt have to be caused by terroist to make it more special than any body elses traumatic expereinces. So chill people.


i agree with all the comments: CRITICS SUCK!!!


ohh myy gawwd!! i can NOT believe they said that.. critics are such messed up people..always screwing everything up..jerks.. anyhoo i loooved the movie though i have 2 agree the ending hurt a LOT, maybe they should have change it.. script was okayish and ROB was A-mazing,, give him a break.. he's doing brilliantly so him and the twilight saga


I couldn't believe, after seeing the movie, that there was not more hype about it. Though after reading the critics comments, I now understand. The performances and the movie were outstanding! The ending a real surprise. Don't listen to the critics, (most of the movies they like, I wouldn't pay a dime to see), Go see the movie.


I saw this movie about a week and a half ago and I have to say I think the movie was amazing. Up until the ending atleast. I think RObert Pattinson did a great job and I think he was VERY convinceing. I just hate hate hate hate hated the ending! I still am upset about it, its so unexpected and unnecessary! Its like the threw on an ending from a completely different movie onto this one. After all the tragedy that is dealt with, it is expected there would be some happiness not a 9/11 tragedy. Not to mention the fact that they would leave that poor little girl with 2 deceased brothers makes absolutely NO sense. I will buy this movie and shut it off before he goes to that building because the ending is asinine!


Just saw the movie yesterday and I have to say it was good. Granted I am a very huge Robert Pattinson fan, I still think this shows that he can play more then one role. And as for exploiting a tragedy to make an ordinary movie better, I don't think whats what they did, it created an almost ironic effect with a very touchy subject, and portrayed it to be as tragic as it was. Its not an oscar winning piece, but its a good movie and I reccomend it.


I totally agree with this:
I hate the ending. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it more than Kim Basinger hates Alec Baldwin. I hate it more than Garfield hates Mondays. -
But the movie is awesomely great! Really loved it, and everyone cried in the end. Watch it! (:


I thought it was a very moving film. What do the critics know? obviousely not a lot!!!


I watched it yesterday and I found it very good, I cried at the end Rob is a very good actor and he should keep on going with the good work he is doing. Rob shouldn't listen or read about the critics because they don't no what they are saying. I have seen all of the movies that rob has made and he is terrific in all of them especially in little ashes.


i loved it!
but the ending was 'OMG'. i couldn't believe they actually killed him. -.-
i mean, it was good for the story, but still!
i got frozen when i had figured out what was going to happen.

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