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Well, there's always Eclipse.

While Robert Pattinson fans are excited over that movie's first official trailer, we have some sobering news: movie critics have responded harshly to the actor's first starring role as an actual human being.

Most of the Remember Me reviews are more critical of the script and the story than of the performances by Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin, but the following excerpts can't be what anyone associated with the film wishes to hear:

A small, dense chamber study of unhappy people looking for hope in the darkness, often literally. - Houston Chronicle

I hate the ending. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it more than Kim Basinger hates Alec Baldwin. I hate it more than Garfield hates Mondays.  -

In Remember Me love means never having to say you’re sorry, particularly to the audience. - The New York Times

Remember Me represents Robert Pattinson's attempt to prove he can do more than sparkle like a faux vampire, but the case he presents is not convincing. - ReelViews

If Remember Me is remembered for anything at all, other than being yet another Robert Pattinson vehicle, it will be for its over-the-top ending, which ranks high amongst the most shameless jerkers of tears ever unleashed upon lachrymose teens.  - The Toronto Star

There's no shame in exploring tragedy through art. But exploiting it to make your very ordinary movie feel more important? That's another story. - The New York Daily News

Mini-spoiler warning: The movie is set in 2001, soon after 9/11. It sounds like many critics take exception to the film's depiction and possible manipulation of that tragic event in American history.

Remember Me opens today. Will you go see it this weekend? If so, write in and share your views with the THG world.


I didnt like the ending, but i loved the ending ... the message was clear "real everday regular people were lost that day" ... i got attatched to the characters and wanted to feel good after seeing the film, but feeling good is just an aspect of emotions you look forward to, real film making brings it all out... can anyone honestly say.. they didnt laugh, smile, feel bad for, sympathise with, and cry for any of the characters actions and situations through the duration of this movie? ... This movie hit me extra hard because the very moment the 2nd plane hit the WTC is when my direction in life changed and i joined the Army.


Why are people so against the ending? It was not just an event the writers used to give the film a bigger twist. They included the ending to show that REAL PEOPLE DIED ON SEPTEMBER 11. They had families, friends, jobs. If we don't think of them as people, we make them just a statistic. It is wrong not to remember them and recognize the loss of them from this world. So stop abusing the movie, it was great and had a good message. If people would see past the superficial publicity and media they would understand this.


the article states that the movie takes place after 9/11... it mostly takes place before and ON 9/11... there is about 60 seconds of footage after 9/11.


I watched it just to see if RP could hold any other acting job other than TWILIGHT. I was very very impressed. The movie was slightly slow but all the acting waws great so you get caught up in it. I loved the ending. I lost a brother last year and I got everything Tyler said to his dead brother...especially his last few words. FANTASTIC.


HONESTLY, this movie was..... OMGGGG AMAZINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't only a movie, it was art and a masterpiece!!!! This movie made me feel so many mixed emotions at the same time and the soundtrack is also truly breathtaking. I saw this movie so many times and i never get tired of it. You know when a movie is good when it has you thinking about it afterwards and has you thinking about it none stop, like it did to me, AND for all those ppl that are saying ahh it was too sad blablabla welll a movie cant always be about happy endings!!! This movie makes you think a lot about life and it is sad that it took his dad too long to realize and that tyler had to die and thats what made the movie more real and emotionally stronger.


I have been waiting to watch this movie, and fianlly was able to last night. I thought the movie was fantastic but the ending was very odd. I feel as though the ending makes it look like the father knew that 9/11 was going to happen so made sure that he would not be there and that his son would be. This also makes me second guess if 9/11 was attackers or was planned. I would love to know if anyone else got this feeling from this movie. thanks!


I love Robert Pattinson.. =) although his role in this film is "emo". hehehe


I watched the movie tonight on Directv. I had no idea what it was about and therefore no preconceived thoughts or critics bias words. I loved it. I did cry my eyes out when the chalkboard read Sept. 11, 2001 and Tyler was standing in his father's office looking out as the secretary said it was a beautiful day. I knew then that he was standing in the World Trade Towers. I was moved when the mother is shot in front of her young daughter. It is amazing how lives become entangled. I loved the movie enough to write in this blog. I appreciated the entire story and the way it all unfolded. The actors did a great job as I believed them and felt for the character's as they developed through the story being told. I will always remember this movie and the lives lost on 9/11.


that movie was a huge bomb...Pattinson did a great job in the movie but the script was terrible and very very boring...always waiting for something to happen and it never does. there were a few parts in it that exhibited very good acting skills on his part but all in all the movie sucked.


looooove the movie, haaaaaaaaaaaaaateeeeeee the ending hate it hate it just hate it like seriously wtf

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