Remember Me Movie Reviews: Not Good

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Well, there's always Eclipse.

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    I was recommended this film by a friend, when I saw the trailer my exact words were “oh, great Vampire boy” but I thought I would give it a go anyway.

    I have to say if I were a person accustom to often wearing hats I would take mine off this movie. Brilliant, job to pattinson and Ravin. Outstanding performances. Beautiful yet horrible ending, reminding all of us the tragedy known as the 9/11 bombings. I can understand why this could be a controversial issue, however I see this film as one that has really captured the emotions of the audience and highlighted that 9/11 involved real people and family’s that suffered because of it.
    The characters captured the audience’s hearts which made the ending even more affective and had the audience (including myself) welling up in front of the screen. I would recommend this to anyone and tell them to expect a brilliant plot twist at the end. You would never expect it.


    Absolutely adored this movie - he made a great choice of becoming a great star in this great movie - didn't anyone notice that he was also one of the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER'S?????
    Absolutely adored it - beginning to the dramatic, take your breath away ending.....BRAVO!!!!!


    I thought the movie was awesome i even watched it a second time(nd cried both times) ..i thought the message the storie was telling was beautiful and robert pattinsons acting was incredible.


    People are simply drawn to their own egoistic perception not knowing the real meaning of the movie and the character's representation. Why not appreciate the essence of one's unique ability to play a role such as Pattinson's? It takes a great effort to manifest such a character especially in this kind of movie. The movie is an awakening. Remember Me has truly carved up a space in my heart that made me realize and value the importance of love, forgiveness and understanding.


    Not only did this movie have a good plot, story and actors, but it introduced a whole new generation to the severity of what 9/11 was. It didnt exploit this tragedy it honored the victims who were loved by many, lived normal lives and were extraordinary people.


    This movie was absolutely AMAZING! I literally GASPED when I saw the date on the board...totally taken by surprise & my 6 year old daughter didn't know why I was sobbing so hard. Well done!


    I just watched the movie with really low expectations. I was AMAZED! it was up and down back and forth roller coaster of a movie. The ending was tragic but it showed why having your dessert first is a necessity. Random events do occur so savor the good in life you never know how much longer you have left.


    I was very impressed with the movie and ending. The writer of this article needs to learn some professionalism and get the facts right. 9/11 ends the movie... so how can it largely take place after 9/11... real top notch reviewing there!


    This Movie Was Amazing.You Know When Its An Amazing Movie When You Can Watch It Over And Over Again And Still Cry At The End.His Poor Family.They Were Getting BAck on Track,Then This Happens To them.He Also Dies When he Was 22 just like His Brother.And He Has Problems Cuz Of His Brother.But He Finds Love.He Pushes It Awaay Only Cuz Hes Scared To get Attached.But Then He Gets It Back And He Dies.Thats Heartbreaking. --A


    9/11 really happened people! Who do think were in those buildings, aliens. They were real people with real family situations, that may have been rocky at times. The message that the movie and Rob gave us is love and forgive, but most of all how we can all come together before it's too late. I thought the ending was perfect. Too many Americans just push 9/11 under the rug.

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