Reggie Bush: Cheating on Kim with January Gessert?

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Kim Kardashian is already reeling from her breakup with Reggie Bush. Now, if new reports are true, the celebrity could be headed for even more heartbreak.

As if getting dumped via text wasn't shady enough, rumors are circulating that Reggie may have cheated on her March 16 with waitress January Gessert.

The alleged mistress works at Sagebrush Cantina in Calabassas, Calif., and supposedly spent the night with the NFL star at his Hollywood house last week.

The night in question began with Reggie Bush and a pal at Red Rock, a bar on the Sunset Strip. Gessert was supposedly seen leaving his house at 7 a.m.

Bush and Kim

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian in happier times (last month).

A walk of shame, perhaps? Not necessarily. Reggie's rep says Gessert is actually dating his friend, which would actually explain the sleepover at his place.

They also could have been broken up at the time, meaning it wasn't technically cheating even Reggie went all Ray J on January Gessert, which isn't proven.

Just the same, it's interesting that this happened just as Kim and Reggie’s relationship imploded, due in large part to the reality star's rising levels of fame.

People close to Kim Kardashian say that the relationship is over, but it's not necessarily over over, and a reconciliation is very possible at some point later.

Still, you know cheating rumors - real or otherwise - can't help.

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i think thet she won't go back to reggie because the way he ended the relatship she is so pretty she could fine any guy she wants for as reggie he's a lores


There's also the recent story from The Dirty regarding Bush cheating...listen, this guy has been cheating on Kim for the duration of their 'relationship'...surprised?


Kim is beautiful, however, (judging by her God awful TV show) tree bark has more personality than she does. Reggie Bush is probably the most over hyped player in the NFL. Also, running backs generally are forced to retire at the ripe age of 30. I hope that you make the most out of the next five years Reggie!


I just can't see them with other people. Reggie might be making a mistake...Kardashian fame is forever because of the OJ case, so anyone who gets with any of them needs to be able to deal with fame, fortune and a high profile family. Is Reggie sure about this, the next guy Kim gets with will most likely put a ring on it.


Why would she need a rich boyfriend?...she dont need a man to provide for her!....She can provide for herself..dont hate on Kim!


IF she can get another rich boyfriend IT WILL BE OVER, but if she doesn't she'll be RIGHT BACK KNOCKIN AT REGGIE'S DOOR! DON'T ANSWER REGGIE. DON'T ANSWER!!!!