Presenting Adam Lambert... in a Kilt!

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Just a photo of Adam Lambert during the Scotland leg of his international tour would likely be enough to satiate curious fans.

But combine the two elements mentioned below and listen closely... you'll likely hear screams across the globe from Lambert lovers:

First, the singer told the UK's The Daily Record that he and Lady Gaga recently "had a couple of whiskies" together. How did it go?

"[We] traded stories about life and music in the studio and, in some ways, we are cut from a similar cloth. She did theater for a while too and she got into the club kid scene in New York and I did in LA. We had a similar experience and it's a compliment to be dubbed the male version of her."

As for the amazing photo above? That's a shot of Adam in his "glamkilt," as he Tweeted. He said that wearing the outfit it "like having a cactus - a little pet cactus."

Earlier on the tour, Lambert shared an evening with Boy George. Below, you can watch him walking the streets of Scotland.


Adam is looking so hot in kilt,he has some beautiful legs,he is so sexy and I couldn't take my eyes off of him.


Adam Lambert would look good in anything! Someone with his style, and boldness and most importantly his VOICE, has been a long-time coming! Go Adam! Can't wait to see what you will do next!


please...don't be close with the 'bad behaviour women',lady gaga...she's not a good person...she just make your life totally destroyed...she comprised in 'group of satan'(illuminati group)...i just say the truth...its okay if you want belive it or not...i just give some good n nice advised


he is so hot...the bests are always gay xD


How can you not love this guy? Bold and daring and a kind heart too! Love the kilt outfit too. Should have had worn it without clothes underneath though! Tee hee!


you are a fashion icon, you are a complete glam, adam


Adam is so adorable! He did an interview in Scotland for a show called 'The Hour'(I think), and he was just so sweet, and beautiful. I love how he put the plaid pants under the kilt because of "brisk winds". I wonder if he realizes how many of his fans were waiting for him to go to Scotland so he could wear a kilt on a day when there were 'brisk winds' Darn those plaid pants.


I feel like a proud mother.. yes I am a fan and have a son his age... so for me watching him win over countries and doing what he loves is so heartwarming! Love his music, his charm and wishing I was young again. Being an Adam fan is so much fun! He has such a diverse group of fans from young to old, women (largest segment right now to men) and from many countries and growing. So EXCITING. And yes, he Rocks the Glamkilt:-)




He is so yummy.

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