Playgirl Wants Jon Gosselin Nude ... and Cheap

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Jon Gosselin and Levi Johnston are both on the hook for hefty support payments. Will the former follow the latter's lead and decide to get naked for Playgirl?

If so, the reality star probably shouldn't expect a huge payday.

"We discussed it, and we'd offer him only $20,000," Playgirl rep Daniel Nardicio tells Life & Style. "His star is extinguishing, and he's not very well endowed."

"Honestly, it'd be more of a novelty than an actual sexy shoot."

Ya think? That may be the funniest quote of all time. By our calculations, and from what we've seen (disgustingly), the going rate is about $10,000 per inch.

Eh, eh? Are we right, Hailey Glassman? Up top, girl!

What a Freaking Douche

PLAYGIRL BOUND? Will we see Jon Gosselin nude in the magazine? We can only hope, right ladies? Hello? Anyone? [Crickets] [Photo:]