Omer Bhatti to Michael Jackson's Kids: I Am Your Father!

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Remember Omer Bhatti? Michael Jackson's former protege and alleged secret son, is treating Blanket, the late pop icon's youngest son, as if he were his own.

Bhatti has been living with the Jackson family and telling poor little Blanket, along with his siblings Prince and Paris, that he's their father, according to reports.

Michael Jackson Jr. Birth Certificate

The 25-year-old Norwegian rapper, who is rumored to be Michael’s son, first showed up on the Jackson scene in 1996. There's no doubt he and MJ were close.

But you have to admit, it's pretty weird that Omer Bhatti tells Jackson’s children, “Call me Michael” introduces himself as Michael and is changing his name.

“Omar has even told the children he's changed his name from Omar Jamal Bhatti to Omar Michael Bhatti,” a source close to the dysfunctional family reveals.

At various times Bhatti has told Blanket, Paris and Prince that he is their father, that their father sent him to take care of him and that he is "a real Jackson."

Omer Bhatti holds a picture of Michael Jackson. They must be related!

The chaotic environment of the L.A. compound where MJ’s children live with their grandma, Katherine Jackson, and others has been in the news a lot lately.

California’s Department of Children and Family Services visited several times recently and has an open investigation into a stun gun incident involving Blanket.

As for Bhatti, he's lived there for some time: “He has infiltrated the Jackson family in a way that many find to be disturbing and detrimental to the children.”

He dresses identical to Michael, who seemed to revel in the confusion and controversy Omer generated. Michael even told some people that Omar was his son.

Joe Jackson says he is as well. Still, detractors say that since Michael died, Bhatti has latched on to the family and is manipulating Michael’s kids constantly.

“Prince has been particularly vulnerable to Omar and his claims,” the family source said. “He’s starting to believe Omar’s claims that Michael is his father.”

Long lost love child? Or random dude exploiting Michael’s traumatized children? Either way, he's living off the Jacksons’ money! Sweet deal!


This is unbelievable to see since Michael's death how the fans believe in those crap stories! Remember when Michael was there, it was the same thing and you didn't believed a word on what the tabloids were saying! Why do you now start to "play the game" and crappy talk about Omer whereas the information doesn't come from an official source. Omer, this rumor, all is false! Don't say Omer should leave the Jackson Family, you have no proofs that he really said to Prince, Paris & Blanket that he is their father! This is just AN OTHER RUMOR like millions around Michael's world!! Just don't pay attention to this bullshits ;)


PEOPLE if you are posting on this site you must have loved MJ to even look him up to find out the latest news so respect his memory his mother his children // O-Bee is not mooching off the Jackson's he is a Jackson / If he was a Jackson while MJ was alive then he is still a Jackson after MJ's death if you love MJ respect his wishes and don't believe everything you read and don't believe hear say / any way MJ could be still with us reading this while every negative thing you say is hurting him // Remember we never saw a body I know it's wishful thinking but you never know so STOP!!!!!!


I get what he is trying to say if he said it / If you are family you say to the young I'll be your father now so they can feel they have someone to count on // MJ took care of O-Bee for a long time and he may be related to him so it's only right that he watch over the kids the way MJ watched over him there is nothing strange about that


4/14/2010 I agree with Jermaine they all need to go any and everythng that was connected to Michael's past, over the year Michael wasn't that friendly with Omer after his kids got older, Omer stated himselft that he hasn't seem Michael in such a long time and was going to surprise him at the OZ concert, yea so he can get on stage and dance


I am happy that this young man is in the lives of MJ's children. He obviously spent a lot of time with them prior to MJ's death and for him to be a constant now in their lives can only be a positive. It does not matter to me if he is or is not a biological son. The loss of MJ is still so horrific for me and it is almost unbearable to read such negativity in the media. I love MJ so much and wish all of you would praise his memory and that of his family instead of constantly trying to put him down. Although it displeases me to read bad things about MJ 'so hurtful', it will never stop my love of him. If you are trying to change the minds of his fans about him in anyway, you are wasting your time.


why would mj tell his friends that omer is his son and he's not, well if you guy's don't believe he's the biological son of mj i suggest you take a DNA test to prove he's wrong


This story is bull!! I know Omer and none of this is true!!!! and by the way your writing skills are shit!! get your shit proof read before publishing!! you have spelt Omer's name wrong several times!! and all you MJ fans should know better than to believe this shit....if you are a real fan you will remember this "just because you read it in a magazine or see it on a tv screen don't make it factual"


Stop talking sh!t you hollywood gossip losers.
Because you have no life, doesn't mean you can try to ruin others.
Find some other way to make money. You make me sick! Damian Rinaldi


I'm so sick of the media trying to ruin the Jackson's lives. How could that boy be the father of those chidren. Now we know for sure that Debbie-Rowe is the mother of those children so he would have had to have sex with her 4 him to be the biological father. Plus he was 12 when she got pregnant with Prince so he cant be the biological father. I wish that the media would stop making up stuff just to crush the jackson's pride. Im sick of all this B.S. that they are trying to make people believe. Fuck them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michael treated Omer like a son. They were very close. Omer misses Michael too. He probably needs to feel connected to the family because if they don't share DNA, if nothing else, they share something else in common, profound grief. They need each other right now and those kids need all the friends they can get. Angels come in all shapes and sizes.

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