Omer Bhatti to Michael Jackson's Kids: I Am Your Father!

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Remember Omer Bhatti? Michael Jackson's former protege and alleged secret son, is treating Blanket, the late pop icon's youngest son, as if he were his own.

Bhatti has been living with the Jackson family and telling poor little Blanket, along with his siblings Prince and Paris, that he's their father, according to reports.

Michael Jackson Jr. Birth Certificate

The 25-year-old Norwegian rapper, who is rumored to be Michael’s son, first showed up on the Jackson scene in 1996. There's no doubt he and MJ were close.

But you have to admit, it's pretty weird that Omer Bhatti tells Jackson’s children, “Call me Michael” introduces himself as Michael and is changing his name.

“Omar has even told the children he's changed his name from Omar Jamal Bhatti to Omar Michael Bhatti,” a source close to the dysfunctional family reveals.

At various times Bhatti has told Blanket, Paris and Prince that he is their father, that their father sent him to take care of him and that he is "a real Jackson."

Omer Bhatti holds a picture of Michael Jackson. They must be related!

The chaotic environment of the L.A. compound where MJ’s children live with their grandma, Katherine Jackson, and others has been in the news a lot lately.

California’s Department of Children and Family Services visited several times recently and has an open investigation into a stun gun incident involving Blanket.

As for Bhatti, he's lived there for some time: “He has infiltrated the Jackson family in a way that many find to be disturbing and detrimental to the children.”

He dresses identical to Michael, who seemed to revel in the confusion and controversy Omer generated. Michael even told some people that Omar was his son.

Joe Jackson says he is as well. Still, detractors say that since Michael died, Bhatti has latched on to the family and is manipulating Michael’s kids constantly.

“Prince has been particularly vulnerable to Omar and his claims,” the family source said. “He’s starting to believe Omar’s claims that Michael is his father.”

Long lost love child? Or random dude exploiting Michael’s traumatized children? Either way, he's living off the Jacksons’ money! Sweet deal!


Personally, I think that Omer is exactly like Hannah Montana. I'm real! Im his son! Bla bla bla...we all know Omer is not Michael's son, and Hannah Montana does not have a biological father! SAME THING!!!


He's not his son. I will say no more. Thanks.


MJ has 4bioloigcal children...Omer,Prince,Paris,and Blanket! This is just a tabloid rumor,yes I believe legal action should be taken to stop this kind of crap!


It is very strange to see this child wearing eye liner with Michael, there seems tobe odd reasons for this friendship,I dont understand the obsessive attraction he had for children, I have three of my own, but I never borrowed other children and went on vacation with them. I love Michael Jackson, but I think he was borderling in some areas. He said it wasn't sexual attraction,and I belived him, but still the none sexual side of this friendship, does not free him of the unhealthy preference. It must be his child, surely!


! Omer is Michael Jackson son, and I am his mother, Michael family know me, and (Blanket) is my son too, Michael bought a tickets for me to go to England with Him. Omer was so happy about me going with them. Omer told me that we well be family at last, Omer wanted the same thing his father Michael wanted, to have a normal family, and I am not hiding no more. I can take DNA tast to proof that I am their mother. I do not understand why Katherine Jackson Michael's mother hires baby-sitter for the children, Katherine know me and She knows that I am Mother to her grandchildren I do not understand why Jackson's do not want me to see my children?


Everything said here is pure manufactured lies!!! action needs to be taken against this site for defamation of character. This is outrageous and I would like you to tell the public what your sources for this information are because you obviously have none, or better yet tell them to the judge because you need to be shut down and thrown in jail. Will never visit this site again and will petition that others do the same!!!


Omer Bhatti is just a MJ impersonater who michael met when omer was a little boy. michael loved omer bhatti like a son and treated him like his own kid. i hope none of this is true bc its not good for the kids to hear things like that and blanket at such a young age definitely dosent need to be exposed to those lies.


this is tabloid garbage in a bid to sell your lame papers, leave MJ kids and the Jacksons alone.




I dont believe this story and I think Omer Is Michael's child. He never talked about him because he was probably trying to protect him from the crazy media. If you think about it Michael used to be a jehovah and they believe in marrige before kids so he probably hid him,. but Im not sure I just know Omer is a talented guy and I think he's helping the jackson kids through there ruff time.

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