Ogling Britney Spears: A Time-Honored Pastime

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Britney Spears was pretty messed up in the head at one point. Having been a star her entire adult life, the various demands and pressures just got to her.

We're beginning to understand why.

Having gone back to blonde, the bombshell stopped at a local 76 gas station to grab an orange soda and a fellow petroleum consumer couldn't help herself.

Wow. Way to be subtle, lady. Sure you couldn't swoop in for a hug while you're at it? Nice to see that Britney has again determined that bras are optional ...

Gawking at Britney

Britney Spears: Gas station chic. [Photos: Fame Pictures; Some chick]

No word if Jason Trawick, Britney's boyfriend and agent, who has been the subject of many breakup rumors over the last few weeks, was there to witness this.

Either way, a shameless amateur photographer clearly was ... as was a professional photographer, taking a picture of the amateur. At least the latter got paid.


Give the girl a break... She's on bipolar medication and struggles with depression. She's been quoted saying that she is just learning now to take better care of herself and take it easy. If you were on medication that numbed you so that you could just get through each day I'm sure you'd struggle too. if you were used to the adrenalin pump of a demanding and high-energy life, then normal everyday life would take some getting used to, would seem very very boring. She missed a whole bunch of life skills when she was growing up, and now she's having to learn them the hard way. Give her a break.


woo i love britney :)
lol, at the woman :L


I don't understand why people are making such a big deal about britney's nipples lol. I think she has awesome boobs! As for that lady, I mean I would be embarassed... At least ask!!!!! But britney has had so much success and is so talented and I am happy for her, as for her make up, not that big of a deal, ppl need to get over it, and I like her outift for that day. Just cool and casual. I hate it when celebs ALWAYS wear richie clothes, at least britney spears is real! lol. I especially hate the whole homeless look celebs are wearing these days and it's considered high fashion. Like mary kate and ashely and a few other celebs, not to pinpoint other celebs but I saw mary kate and ashley wearing homeless looking clothes and they were considered fashion, at least britney's outfit is something someone with a job would wear on their day off.


britneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you are the best!!!! i love you!!!britneyyyyyyyyyyyy


No bra. For shame. Call the National Guard.
Lock her up for next 60 years!


Pak...how in the hell is a "regular person" taking a pic of brit at a gas station celeb gossip, news or even interesting info???? Also, how is this a "sad" situation?? Brit is exiting a gas station carrying beverages....just curious why she has to dress to the nines to go to the gas station??? Some people are just so ready to attack and pick apart celebs in regular situations, holding them to these god-like standards...as though they aren't real people...just plastic poseable figures in a video...you really need to look at the big picture....


Uh, for real tho, this isn't really a "news" website, it's a gossip site. So I think it's a perfectly normal type of post here. Regardless, it amazes me how much of a mess she is, it's really sad. Not that she needs to look like a beauty queen but still.


No bra. Check.
Service station visit. Check.
Ratty hair. Check.
High sugar content beverage. Check.
Crazy train rolling, again. Check.


What's so bad or annoying about putting a smile on someone's face? Just by walking by, she made that woman's day. Britney needs to find someone that can make her laugh and help her stop taking herself so seriously - this Jason guy seems like a stiff to me who is just along for the ride.


hmmmm....so your idea of news is that someone took a pic of Brit at a gas station, someone that wasn't being paid to do so????? uh, ok.....desperate for news, much?!?!?

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