Morgan Christie Dumps Jon Gosselin Following Sudden, Unexpected Growth of Brain Cells

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Apparently coming to her senses and realizing that Jon Gosselin is a douche and she already has a trust fund, Morgan Christie dumped the reality star.

After getting together late last year, Morgan reportedly packed it in this week. "It's true," an insider says, noting that Christie first initiated the split.

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"He's a mess and feels like a loser."

Well, yeah.

Jon Gosselin met Christie, a law school student, while snowboarding in Utah. He parted ways with former girlfriend Hailey Glassman in late December.

His divorce from estranged, grating wife Kate Gosselin was also finalized around that time, but Jon wasn't hesitant about moving on from either flame.

HE'S AVAILABLE, LADIES: Morgan Christie personally saw to it that Jon Gosselin went back on the market this week ... don't everyone call his cellphone at once.

He and Morgan Christie were inseparable during January's Sundance Film Festival in Utah, where they shocked onlookers with tons of PDA and stuff.

"Anyone who saw them remarked how inappropriate it was," recalled a source in Park City, where the two were even rumored to be moving together.

Fortunately (for Morgan) she thought better of that one.

As Jon's former spouse rehearses for Dancing With the Stars in L.A. and at home in Wernersville, Penn., he has been staying at a "massive mansion" owned by his girlfriend's wealthy Connecticut family. Presumably he's been evicted now.

Why not stay with his eight kids at home? "Kate won't let Jon have extra custody," a source explained. "She thinks they're better off with a nanny."

Eh, she's probably right. Unless it's Stephanie Santoro, the one Jon nailed last year. You just can't trust that guy around mediocre girls or hired help.


Jon Gosselin is a ass hole he has 8 kids and treated them like crap and now he tries to hook up with a hot young morgan christie he needs to worry about his kids before he tries to get in another relationship he sucked at his first relationship morgan christie is a doll she dont need a man like that i hope she stays away


Morgan Christie is so beautiful john gosselin is a dumb ass she is too good for hime he would have screwed her over too he has 8 kids he needs to grow up


Jon is a BAD HUSBAND and an EVEN WORSE daddy. He cared only about himself when he decided to leave and CHEAT on Kate. What a PRICK! He just wanted to get rid of all responsibility and act like an immature teenage boy. LIKE they ALL say boys NEVER grow up into men! JON GOSSELIN is a LYING SELFISH CHEAT NON-CARING ASS HOLE


If kHate doesn't watch out...
JON can just walk away and leave Her to do all of the raising!
She would be crying for 15 years! lolololol! JON can go make another family and be the great Husband and Daddy he was all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Most women don’t want a man like Jon Gosselin is because he has eight kids, he is chronically unemployed, he is a pathological liar, he is homeless, he has no money, he is dumpy, lazy, he is short (5′7″), and he has a little dick that hung like a tic tac!


First Jon has no home anywhere or nearby his children to take care of them!!! If I were Kate I would not let him in her house to watch the children. He would only do things on purpose to annoyed, irritate and provoke Kate while in her home!!! I would not trust him at all! Plus he does not pay alimony or child support!!!! So Jon if you want to have more time with your children get a job and a home nearby their home so you can watch them in your own home!!!


no woman who truly loves a man can break up with him withought a mourning period. kim just went straight to the next man, like all heartless golddiggas do


I think the only reason he was with Kate ten years was tlc money. Kate had fixed the kids money so he could not touch it so he took from the house account. Did he ever put it back. Did they get the water bill paid. I guess we can see why Kate was always so mad. I can see that marriage was doomed and tlc and the show were not the reason. No one can go that dirty and lazy because of a divorce. It takes many years to learn that kind of lazy.


glad to see she came to her senses and dumped him
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


Ah, come on ladies. Look what he has to offer. Money: um, NO. Fame from a popular TV show: um, NO. Good looks: um, NO. Hot body: um, NO. Nice car:, um, maybe, if his ex left it with him. Nice house: um, not owned. lots of child support owed: um, yes. Great catch, huh?

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