Miley Cyrus: No, Seriously, I Quit Music

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Looks like teen queen Miley Cyrus wasn't joking when she said recently how it was time for her to exit the music business and focus on acting.

She recently revealed on The View that she's become a bit disheartened because "the music industry isn't as positive as I would like it to be."

Much like when she deleted her Twitter and did not return to the social media site despite harsh criticism, Cyrus is sticking to her guns here.

"I've got a record coming out in June, then I'm done," she said. "I just want to work in movies. That's what I like and what I want to be doing."

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Her new film The Last Song, opening this week, is Miles' first acting project outside of Hannah Montana, and co-stars her new boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

Miley and Liam made a splash on the red carpet last week, and while he may be a tad biased, he says he wasn't surprised that Cyrus held her own acting.

"You know how she feels when she's feeling down and you know how she feels when she is feeling up," he said. "She's always a very expressive person."

"That really works on the screen, and she's really good."

Is she? We'll find out when we review The Last Song.


What a load of crap, not you THG, but Miley, like she's really going to quit singing, even though i personally don't like her music there's no way she's going to stop banking on millions of fans who will pay top dollar to see the girl on stage and sing. I think she's pulling a J.Z.


but personally, i think miley the musician is better than miley the actor right come back to the music industry soon miley.....


miley didnt say she is not gonna make music....she said that her next record will be the last one she does for a while.....that may mean that she will continue to make music but she wont make an album or watever.....which again means that there is a good chance that she may resume doing music soon.... anyway, she said that she is gonna stop making music for a while so that she can concentrate more on her acting career.....and judging by the kids choice award for best movie actress that she won, that is a good choice.....


no way, miley cant quit....especially now, since she is right now on a roll....
but its her decision anyway....and i think we should respect that.....but i do really hope that she will continue to make music and come back soon.....please miley do continue to make music....


Noooooooo!!! This is almost like the day that the Beatles broke up or when Buddy Holly died!!! The public will no longer get to hear the all so deep "Party in the USA"! No offense Miley but the reason why your so successful is that little girls look up to you and grown boys look at you. Your music was, should I say, "mute-worthy" at best.
If you don't show skin in your movies then you will soon be a thing of the past - sorry but that is the truth.


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