Miley Cyrus Makes Great Impression on Liam Hemsworth's Parents

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth might not be engaged, as rumors have suggested, but they recently took a big step in their relationship:

Miley met Liam's parents. How did it go?

"They loved her," Liam told Michael Yo on E!'s Daily 10, referring to a recent trip the couple took to the actor's hometown in Australia. He added:

"It was really cool to show Miley where I'm from and how I grew up, and it's a completely different world to where she's from. We don't have shopping centers or traffic lights or anything like that, where I live at least."

Fancy Pair

Cyrus didn't seem to mind the changes.

"It was awesome, I really like Australia," she said. "You know what? The media's really cool there, too. Even though there's paparazzi, they kind of stay their distance; it was kind of like Nashville by the sea actually, the town he's from."

To read what Miley has to say about celebrity gossip, gay marriage and other topics, check out her interview in Parade.

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He is not too old for her. Lets try to remember that Miley Cyrus is 17 already, which means that she's a young adult. In like 7 months she'll be a grown woman. And Liam just turned 20, meaning he's a little less than three years older than her. It's not like he's twice her age. If 17 year old Demi Lovato can date 20 year old Joe Jonas, I don't see why Miley can't be with Liam. such a small age gap shouldn't get in the way of a relationship.


I find that Miley Cyrus is a bit young to have a boyfriend that is 20. I really like her with Nick Jonas. I just wish that they take it slow and that Miley knows what she is doing. Her boyfriend may be cute but I don't trust him. He dosen't seem to love Miley, he seems to have sex with her and that is it.


This guy doesn't look over enthused in this photo. I have a feeling that this is a sign of things to come. Trust me, it's only a matter of time before he cheats on her with a tattooed nazi super slut.


she is so hot and i wish for her the best luck!


they look so cute together....i wish them the best of luck...