Miley Cyrus, Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato Perform on American Idol Results Show

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American Idol viewers received a double live treat last night.

The results show, which saw voters send Paige Miles home, also saw a triple teen threat of Miley Cyrus, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato bringing the house down.

For all our criticisms of Miley, you have to give her credit, the girl is a good live vocalist, a true stage presence with a husky, powerful voice beyond her years.

Although the writhing and spontaneous convulsions during the chorus of "When I Look at You," her track from The Last Song? No idea what's going on there.

Perhaps Liam Hemsworth knows a little something about it:

What did you think of Miley Cyrus on Idol? Did she bring her A-game? Are you psyched for her first huge non-Hannah Montana role, as she focuses on acting?

In addition to Miley, new couple and dueling music stars Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato performed "Make a Wave." They certainly did in real life by coupling up.

Follow the jump to see the lovebirds in action ...

[video url="" title="Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato on American Idol"] [/video]


miley rocked it after she got up playing the piano.
her voice is unique and she can sing. k try singing infront of a huge show and playing a piano at that.


i haven't seen the permfommance yet so maybe i can't say much


This years Idols are pretty sad. Even the ones I like are just ok. No ones's blowing me away with a great performance!!! Are there no more out there??? Maybe this show has run it's course.


strkr93,farah,indira, you 3 are right, miley is stupid, a trash, a no good singer and actress, and demi and selena is so much better!!


She sounded horrible, good thing she wasn't being judged. As for her mentoring, she should look up the meaning of the word.


Miley sounds like shit. She will always sound like shit. When shes 35 she will sound worse. Shes just damn ulgy.


Miley cyrus sounde dfferent, the beginning was very strained. she sou nded like she was trying too hard. I bet she was just super nervous! But it got really good after that, so good job Miley! Demi Lovato sounded amazing though! i didn't know she was that good


i think joe and demi did better than miley


miley totally rocked the american idol stage.....and she did a great job mentoring the contestants....and i know its rare, but i agree with thg on miley...she "is a good live vocalist, a true stage presence with a husky, powerful voice beyond her years"....and yes, i am looking forward to see her new movie....i know it will showcase her talent like never before....

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