Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Red (Carpet) Hot!

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, The Last Song co-stars and SO much more, made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Hollywood premiere of their movie.

Dressed in Calvin Klein, Liam joked that life got a little tougher after Cyrus confessed to Ellen DeGeneres that she fell for him after he opened a door for her.

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"After all that, there's so much pressure for me to be opening doors for everyone now," the Australian stud muffin told E! Online. "It's just too much pressure."

Liam Hemsworth is still adjusting to the attention from female fans, who have been chasing after him when he attends premieres and screenings, and so forth.

"That was my first experience of the craziness," he said. "It's flattering. Funny, too."

LAST SONG HOTNESS: Miley and Liam debut as a couple.

Next stop on The Last Song PR tour is Europe with premieres next month in London, Rome and Munich. Let's just hope Liam and Miley are still together by then.

"I lost him so, he's not being the best boyfriend right now," Cyrus, who also performed on American Idol this week, joked after getting separated from her man.

"The whole deal was we were going to be walking together," the 17-year-old added. "But then I lost him first thing because he started saying hello to everyone."

Yeesh. Better step it up, Liam.


listian hemsworth do not broke up with her she my sister
you batter listian


She'll end up just like Lindsay Lohan when mom and dad aren't there anymore, and she is on her own. She'll be gone in a few years and I can't wait.


OH MILEY MILEY. when will she tone it down. Shes growin up to fast. love Samantha Patterson


.. i love miley cyrus .. no matter what she is .. no matter their comments are too bad ..


i honestly think she sang really bad on idol, her voice sounded somewhat terrible...i do not like her as human being cuz i think she will turn out to be just like britney spears. however, i think some of her songs are really good, but i will not say that she writes them 'til i see it!


@Tori, oh BTW, since you are only 10, you may want your parents guidance while surfing the net....and also read miley's comments on the internet which is available in this very site....


Well,I herd thAt Liam is cheating on Miley....You No what??Miley is just like her selfish Dad(billy ray cyrus) I Read a book that is called Miles to go by:Miley Cyrus..she is just a mess..she got picked on and she tried out for an audition and...she had to keep going back:-( she only did get the "Hannah Montana" spot is because of her Dad,If ir wasnt for her Dad she wouldnt be Famous.




Miley should really break-up with him i heared after a cople of moth miley is going to break-up she just want to have fun thats all.


THG--thank you for not Miley Bashing...Hope you'll keep that up...Mr X--As always,I like your comment...Keep it going dude...I saw the Miler's on American Idol also and she was AWESOME!!! The way they had the fog rollin' under her feet as she played the piano and sang:'When I look at you!' Was nothing short of incredible...Wherever she goes and whatever she does---we'll probably be sensational...No matter who she's with...So I have no comment on any of her relationships---that's her private business...
Those are tough enough without the world's scrutiny...Everyone else can speak on that---I'm far enough into her life just fightin' all the haters for her...Later y'all;Hollywood--OUT!

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