Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Red (Carpet) Hot!

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, The Last Song co-stars and SO much more, made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Hollywood premiere of their movie.

Dressed in Calvin Klein, Liam joked that life got a little tougher after Cyrus confessed to Ellen DeGeneres that she fell for him after he opened a door for her.

Young Singer, Fan

"After all that, there's so much pressure for me to be opening doors for everyone now," the Australian stud muffin told E! Online. "It's just too much pressure."

Liam Hemsworth is still adjusting to the attention from female fans, who have been chasing after him when he attends premieres and screenings, and so forth.

"That was my first experience of the craziness," he said. "It's flattering. Funny, too."

LAST SONG HOTNESS: Miley and Liam debut as a couple.

Next stop on The Last Song PR tour is Europe with premieres next month in London, Rome and Munich. Let's just hope Liam and Miley are still together by then.

"I lost him so, he's not being the best boyfriend right now," Cyrus, who also performed on American Idol this week, joked after getting separated from her man.

"The whole deal was we were going to be walking together," the 17-year-old added. "But then I lost him first thing because he started saying hello to everyone."

Yeesh. Better step it up, Liam.

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liam please brake up with miley love christopher


Liam Hemsworth you can brake up with miley Cyrus Love christopher


You can brake up with miley Cyrus Liam hemsworth Love The Cyrus Family


It is alright to brake up with miley Cyrus Liam hemsworth. I would not blame you love Noah Cyrus


cute luv u both


oh and if u dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all. And she really is a good person. Please dont listen to gossip.


I have to agree w/ Mr.X I mean Miley makes some mistakes but just b/c she does doesn't change who she is. Like we all make mistakes for example: we might get in a fight but no body takes pictures so the whole world doesnt know. But for Miley it is hard. And ppl lie, not every paparazzi but most. And Miley & Liam are both christians. Gossip is also known as a lie.So please don' judge a book by it's cover.Someone may judge u by yours. And u only have 1 chance to make a impression.And I am a christian.


This is article is so fake.. You've twisted words and miscontrued everything they've said idiots..


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