Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Play Kissy Face in New Movie Preview

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While Robert Pattinson makes the media rounds and promotes Remember Me, it won't be long until one teen icon is shoved out of the spotlight for another.

On March 31, The Long Song opens. Expect Miley Cyrus to appear on a number of talk shows and magazine covers in the days leading up to that premiere.

Below, the singer and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth talk about their characters. They also get to first base in one clip from the movie.

Teases Miley: “Ronnie and Will are very different. She’s a little more independent with not a lot of money; he’s very wealthy, very taken care of by his parents. He has it a bit easier... on the surface.”

Will you go see The Last Song?


YEAH!!! ALL THE WAY!! ALthough I know Will's secret. I couldn't wait, and caved back in Novemebr and Bought The Nicholas Sparks book from Chapters. 3 cheers to N.S, M.C, and L.H!!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Would you believe Im the only person in My school who likes her?? Might as well own that!


hollywood do you live in hollywood your nothing to me I am the superfan and have even meet miley face to face I don't think so but I did so freak show you have nothing your nothing to me so go home hhh


me too....
i've seen the trailor and they're simply great!!!!
the film will be a huge success...i can feel it...


THG. You guys should be somewhat familiar with me by now---What do you THINK my answer is? Ha,ha! That's right---HELL YES! I'll be there just as soon as it opens! After-all---what kind of a Superfan would I be if I didn't show support to the one I fight for all the time? March 31st---Yeah Buddy! I'll be here in Nashville,but---still doin' my part..Since I can't seem to dodge the label of 'Miley's Rambo'--I may as well fulfill it...Can't wait,actually.. Later on y'all;Hollywood...

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