Michelle McGee Sells Out Hard

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Michelle McGee was the first trashy mistress linked to Jesse James. Now "Bombshell" is looking to cash in on that fact and torment Sandra Bullock even more!

Perhaps taking a cue for Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James, she's fired up a website where you can see what Jesse James allegedly saw ... AND THEN SOME!

Well, he probably saw a lot more than you will, but you get the idea. Regardless, you can see Michelle McGee nude at MichelleBombshell.com for a low price.

Hey, she's doing it for her kids. Don't hate! Just support her them!


Jesse James entered Michelle McGee. Now you can enter ... her site.

Actually, $9.95 is probably $9.95 too much. She's kind of gross if you ask us, and besides, you can peep the stripper video that's already online for free now.

Totally your call.


I don't agree with what she has done, or her reasons..but if she was a hot blond with a mere tribal arm band and a heart shaped tattoo on her butt, people wouldn't be saying she was as gross or nasty..stop hating her looks.If your gonna bash her do it for her action...Tattoos dont make you white trash wh***s.


This woman is a walking advertisement for forced sterilization. I can't believe anyone would touch her without a full body condom. She is one of the most disgusting white trash wh***s I've ever seen. Please send her back to the primordial ooze from whence she slithered.


JJ and Michelle=what happens when two sociopaths collide.


Monkey, you are right!, a woman like that can't teach her kids how to live when she has no respect, what kind of people are they going to be with this as their role model?. And this is the internet, when they are old enough they will find this info even if they are too young now. The kids will hate her when they grown up. If i were the judge i'd give the father (if he's even decent) the kids. there are certain people that just shouldn't be allowed to have kids.


Wow, sounds like he bedded a sociopath, there is no low she isn't willing to go. Seriously do these women even respect themselves?!, i find it hard to believe. I can't believe these people who bed someone to tell their tale for money and a man married to such a nice person who doesn't deserve this, it's worse then a hooker really, even a hooker has more respect, at least they are open to what they do and tell the person what they are getting into before they sleep with them, not these ladies, they must be so proud of themselve to show their kids how to live life. I hope Jesse has learned his lesson, he's been sleeping with a bunch of witches but that is even a compliment to even say that i'm too speechless to even think of something worse, don't they even realise they were used, it's not like he found them more attractive than his wife, they were just there when he needed a lay and his wife wasn't around!.


Jesse James has evidently found his equivalent.There is no shame in her game.She has found herself an audience, and it is going to be some time before she allows the sand in that hourglass to run out. This broad has no shame whatsoever.


She can't justify this in any way. This woman is more mixed up than a road lizard in a spin dry. If she really wants to do something for her kids, she should be home making them brownies, not showing her brownie. I can't see that what she is doing, is helping her kids. She's hurting her kids.


Anything for money shocking!! And she has kids OMG scary!! Hope the father of the kids takes them away from this trailer trash! Do society a favor and crawl back under the rock were u came from PLEASE!!

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