Michelle "Bombshell" McGee: Jesse James Mistress, Tattoo Model, Stripper, Porn Star, Mother of Two

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As the Jesse James cheating scandal heats up, more details have come to light regarding Sandra Bullock's husband's alleged mistress, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

James nixed his Twitter page and Bullock pulled out of a movie premiere after rumors of his infidelity were broken yesterday by In Touch. As for the other woman?

A tattoo model, whatever that is, Michelle McGee is listed on SoCalGlamourGirls.com. There, for a fee, subscribers can see her on webcam or chat with her online.

"I am the hottest busty tattoo and fetish model you will ever meet on webcam. Come have a hot, steamy affair with inked girls like me on live video," her bio says.

Gross. Although it looks like Jesse James obliged.

The site says it's a place for "sexy live video chats" and "discreet affairs w/all American Girls!" Maybe James, who wasn't so discreet, should have gone this route.

Michelle McGee Picture

This isn't to say Michelle "Bombshell McGee" doesn't have other ambitions.

"With all these tats, you might think I was a big partier," she writes. "Sure, I get really wild in the sack with my men, but I’m actually a graduate student in college looking around for the right sugardady [sic] to teach me and be my sexy mentor."

"If you like big boobs and tattoos, mine will be the perfect fit."

Michelle McGee also stripped at Larry Flint's Hustler Club before being fired.

She is currently a featured stripper (by the name Avrey) at San Diego's Pure Platinum Kearny Mesa club, but has not been in to work in the last few days.

Wonder why.

To top it all off, the model is also a mother of two grade school-aged children. "She was really quiet and a nice girl," a former landlord of McGee's reports.

"She had two kids and she didn't have a lot of visitors." Not even Jesse James stopping by for a quickie? Oh, that's right, they only had sex at his place.

Three times a day, we're told.


Wow how hot is "I am scanky whore" tattoed over your whole body, not very attractive. But I guess its attractive to those who want a quick piece of voyerism and titalation.
You could give me a hundred photos of this woman and I would still believe not only have her actions scared herself but other people, including me. She is the devil, which is clear, she belongs in hell and she is quite good at it. But that is all, not many people can respect hell, espiecally when it is tattoed over your entire body. Gross she is, she belongs as a prostitute or a sex worker, deadbeat, loser, vampire, devils advocate, bitch, all the bad not of the 'good life' which the rest of us are living. Burn in Hell, you creature of the devil!


What a effin ugly ass bi*$% michelle is, eeeewwwww gross can smell u a mile away u fugly cu*$. How could you go as low as getting it on with a married man, and same to you jesse u friggin retard. My heart goes out to you Sandra, you are a beautiful woman that deserves better. Jesse and fugly bi^$# you two belong together seeing as u are both FUGLY hahaha.


Michelle deserves to be shot in the head. Who would want to fuck that nasty lookin broad. She or he or whateva that tattoed thing is looks like a washed up desert hooker. Someone should call Child Services on that cunt, and take her kids away! I am now going to hurl all over Michelle's nasty ass white trailer trash picture!!!! DIE BITCH!!!!


Every man likes a slut, but none wants a slut as a wife. You my dear MTheichelle made in a short time the record of hate. So the Americans does hate you now. Good for you! Well done!! Bravo!!Now you are more than famous. Maybe before this scandal not everybody knew you, but now they all do. Go where Monika Lewinsky is, and hide.Ha, Ha, is all I can say. I am sure that you don't have a degree, so better look for a job. The one you have now you can not have a pension for your dark days. I forgot. You are in your dark days.


MY GOD! Are you for real? Get a life!!! You knew that Jesse is stil with Sandra, and you did have sex for the love of money and fame. What else would you want? You are not the kind of girl to be in a relationship. One night stand, or whatever is coming for money. Be careful with your silicon. Dont forget you are getting older too, then you'll see who is going to have sex with you. You are going to be just on old trash with nothing to be proud of.Just do us a favor, go away, far, far, away, and don't have kids. All you will do when you'll be old, is to count your tattoos, and NOTHING else. I wouldn't let you not even to clean my shoes. Booo




Who cares which one looks better or who is a better person. He and Sandra are MARRIED, that enough should be reason not to cheat.


i think sandra will be fine my heart goes out to her i think she is a classic beauty and this marissa looks like the poster child for a STD


Sandra Bullock is so totally boring, I would choose Michelle over her any day and I am a girl!


First off, no one knows what was going on behind the scene with Jesse James(JJ) and Sandra Bullock(SB). Second, without that forehead tattoo and the goth/marilyn make-up, the girl is attractive. Third, its JJ, none of you saw this coming? SB is comes off as a goodie goodie, why would she choose JJ? Was it because her fame let her get the boy she could never have in high school? SB, find out how the girl who got the Bad Boy in high school is doing. Let JJ and SB work it out. If "Ned" down the street did this, would any of you care? How is this any different?

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