Michael Jackson's Kids Living in Utter Chaos

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Was the stun gun incident only the beginning?

Michael Jackson’s three children, known for being nice, well-adjusted and surprisingly normal despite their eccentric dad, are now being raised "in a chaotic environment devoid of discipline and parental supervision," according to reports.

Michael Jackson Jr. Birth Certificate

Prince, Paris and Blanket have been living at the Jackson family home with Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson, as instructed in the late music icon's will.

More than a dozen family members live there as well. The big problem, not surprisingly, is that the other kids living in the house are totally out of control.

Well, only if you consider using a Ralph's rewards card to order a stun gun online and trying to taser Blanket out of control ... it's all how you look at it.

Is Katherine Jackson in over her head with Michael's kids?

A source blames MJ's brothers Randy and Jermaine Jackson, who are described as "the most ego-maniacal, self-centered people that have ever walked the earth.”

That's saying something on a planet that also features Kanye West.

Red flags were raised and a Department of Children and Family Services investigation launched following a recent incident with Blanket and Jermaine's son Jafaar.

Jafaar, 13, got his hands on a stun gun, allegedly for the purpose of zapping Michael's youngest son. Jermaine Jackson now finds himself facing harsh criticism.

"Any kid that grows up with that sense of privilege, you can just imagine the behavior that’s viewed as acceptable,” a source said. “It’s frankly disturbing.”

“This is not something that Michael’s children are used to. They were brought up in a loving home. They’re not used to experiencing this kind of violence.”

Should Michael’s children be placed with another guardian?

"It's not that simple. Michael was very careful about who and what his children were exposed to. They need someone who can be a constant for them."


they definitely need to keep that african nanny out of their lives. she admitted she had been poisoning and pumping michael stomach for years. her and that dr. conrad finally overdosed him and stole all kinds of money.


What children of Michael Jackson need is a great distance to the source of this information.
Demented former nanny who is believed Michael's wife and mother of children.


I couldn't have said it better myself. She has got to CLEAN house of Randy and Jermaine's problems. When Randy married that 3rd world mexican woman with her thinking she could use him to get to Michael's money failed, she targeted Jermaine because she knows he is sexually weak. Only an evil person would do that. Katherine must get the evil out of her home NOW. She and Michael's children are possibly in danger. Someone associated with the doctor that killed Michael might be paying them to terrorize the family. Poor jermaine looks miserable with the foreign women he married. He needs to stay close to home with American women.


I love Michael Jackson soooooo much, I always have and always will!! I do not like the fact that he was used in life and now in death. He is the owner of the house that all of the Jacksons live in, he paid all of the bills. You would think that no other children in that family make money (Janet). Jermaine is off trying to create a "tribute" to Michael when he needs to be home taking care of his own F&%$ing kids!!!


Jermaine Jackson is a bloodsucking leech.


Who are these "sources" and if the children are in such danger, why don't they contact DCFS themselves. It's timeout for reporting speculation and not facts. All using unnamed sources does is allow sites to print what they want without having to prove it.

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