Melissa Smith: Jesse James Nailed Me Too!

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Move over, Michelle McGee. Stripper Melissa Smith alleges today that Jesse James, Sandra Bullock's cheating monster of a husband, also had an affair with her.

Who does this guy think he is, a biker Tiger Woods?

James' sex romps with stripper-dominatrix-tattoo model-porn star McGee weren’t the only time he cheated on Sandra, according to scandalous tabloid reports.

According to the (kind of) sexy blonde herself, James had a two-year fling with Melissa Smith, one that featured both "unprotected sex and kinky requests."

And intercourse on his office couch - also the favored sex spot of Michelle McGee. Guy likes to keep it consistent. You girls might want to get tested, BT-Dubs.

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The Dirtbag Jesse James

Melissa Smith: Jesse James mistress #2?!

Like Michelle, Melissa originally met Jesse online. He reached out to her via MySpace in September 2006 (a year after he married Sandra) when he saw a photo of her posing in front of a car at a West Coast Choppers party in Long Beach, Calif.

"I got a message from this guy saying, 'Nice car... that’s my godfather’s.' After a few exchanges, he introduced himself as Jesse James and gave me his e-mail address with the name Vanilla Gorilla,” the nickname Jesse goes by.

Before long, Melissa Smith traveled to California, where Jesse Smith promised he'd take her for a ride in one of his cars. They never made it out of his office, though.

After some small talk about the artwork on his walls and taking photos together, “I said, 'Well, I guess I should get going,' and he said,' You don’t have to,'" Smooth.

That's when James, who clearly has his preferred methods, "moved his chair closer and started rubbing my leg. We ended up having sex on his couch," Smith says.

Speed up the divorce attorney search, Sands.


look at another woman, thats called CHEATER buz theyre on Jesses mind and wish for, still called CHEATER. Now I can see whos is Jesse. Im on Sandras side and hope she can stand so strong but I will be on her side if shes agree to work it out because shes in love with him. Jesse waste his time for that!! Im worrying about children who loves Sandra so much.


When u look at the women he has been cheating with there nothing like sandra and they all look the same, tats, big boobs. Thats ov his type so he was only with sandra for the fame. What an arse hole. Shame on the women too for sleeping with a married man. Watch out Kat von d he will b after u next!! RUN.


Sandra, don't you ever think about going back to Jese James, he is really a pig in the brain. Go on girl...with your life. That's not the end of the world.


its mans nature to seek as many woman to screw as possible. Only stupid women get upset over this.


Only 9 more to catch Tiger !
Calling all WHORES: Uncle Jesse wants you !


I am not a big fan of Sandra B but this is crushing.I feel so bad for her. Two weeks ago Sandra B thought she had a great life (professionally and personally) and it all changed in less than a day. Let us be honest, I am sure there are more mistresses to come. Jesse is a dumbass!!


I would so hit that


There are Not enough comments that can be made about Jughead,but the women that come out of the woodwork for their 15 minutes of fame boggles the mind.What new woman would come out of the shadows long enough to have her name associated with this madness,
unless she is his type. Sandra B has gone into seclusion,and is handling this scandal the best way that she knows how with a quiet sense of grace and self dignity.For this big empty headed yoyo to allow Sandra to praise him in front of millions, knowing that he was leading a double life with these crayon-laced cackling hens is too much for one woman to bear.Sandra B. may not be saying anything right now, but she is going to quietly have the last word.


How stupid it this man ? I mean really ? Why in hell would you choose to go with such cheap looking look-like-a-sl.. from-a-low-down-no-budget-porn-wannabe-movie, women when you are actually married to one of the most beautiful, successfull, funny, brilliant and sexy woman on earth ? I just don't get this Jesse caracter. I am flabergasted at how dum he is.


poor sandra, she married a bad boy and this is no shocker. she should be tested SSD, HIV, HERPES,...

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