Lindsay Lohan: Typically Trashy in Purple

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We know, we know. When is Lindsay Lohan NOT trashy? Perhaps there was once a time, and there may be again. But it certainly isn't here in Purple magazine.

The alleged actress recently partook in Terry Richardson photo shoot for that fine publication you probably haven't heard of, and the pictures are what you expect.

Not from the magazine, from which you likely have zero expectations, but what you expect of Lindsay Lohan pictures. Trashy, partially naked, with cigarettes:

Lohan Cleavage Picture
F-ck Off

Lindsay Lohan as you're accustomed to seeing her.

As you know well from seeing Lindsay's Muse magazine spread (another well-known publication), this is the sort of thing her career comes down to these days.

Hey, it's a niche, and it's a living. Those bottles of Cristal at the club aren't gonna pay for themselves. Click to enlarge more sort of hit pics of Linds in Purple ...

Ready to Get Down
F-ck Off
Vanity Fair Red Carpet
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Such Trash
Mauling Lindsay

[Photos: Purple]


Who cares about this trashy girl. What has she done in TV, or big screen in the last while. Nothing. Why are you writing about this tramp have you folks nothing better to do. Why feed into her sickness by writing about her.


people hate on her too much like get over it. she looks hot and shes having fun.


Lindsay actually thinks that the public is crucifying her when actually the public is panning her for being a wash up in her early 20's. Hypothetically: If she wasn't a celebrity she would either be in prison or welfare. Or she might have turned out normal?


Just a few years ago,this young redhead was a stunner,happy being young and a starlet.Her star was shining bright,and she decided to loosen up, but when she got with her gal/pal "Butch Cassidy" Lindsay took a walk on the wild side,and kept going.At the ripe young age of 23,she looks older, and seems completely out of touch with who she was when fan absolutely adore her talents.She appears to be going more towards porno than mainstream.Hopefully when she take the time to open her eyes,she'll notice that we miss the Lindsay that we fell in love with.


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