Lindsay Lohan Suing E*Trade Over Super Bowl Ad

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Lindsay Lohan is suing for $100 million from E*TRADE, believing that the "milkaholic" baby featured in their Super Bowl commercial was modeled after her.

The ad features a baby named Lindsay, accused of being the other woman in a baby love triangle. We'd love to have been in the writers' room for this one.

At one point, the "girlfriend" baby demands to know whether or not the main baby was out doing some partying with "that milk-a-holic Lindsay" last night.

A third baby pops into frame - supposedly "Lindsay" - and delivers the line "Milk-a-what?" Totally her. Anything "-holic" is a jab at Lohan, without a doubt.

Naturally, Linds feels this "subliminal message" is defamatory.

Lohan in Full Effect

In response, the alleged actress has filed a lawsuit in Nassau County, N.Y., Supreme Court, claiming E*TRADE violated herĀ  rights by using her "name and characterization" in business without paying her or getting her approval.

Perhaps Lindsay should start an E*TRADE account, because there are other ways of getting paid than frivolous lawsuits (her surname is never spoken in the ad).

Lohan's lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, says that doesn't matter, under the reasoning: "Do you know the name Oprah? You know the name Madonna? Same thing."

Regarding the "milkaholic" reference, Ovadia would not address it directly, except to say that "If you look at the commercial as a whole, it's Lindsay Lohan."

Is it really, though? You be the judge:

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The babies are at least talented and should be pleased, ugly.


Come on, everyone..she's a bad actress, how else is she going
to support herself...the answer is by suing...
enough of skanky Lohan, I can't imagine any guy touching
without a 10ft. long pole, ick.


LOL What would happen if there is a politician who has the same name as her? Everyone knows that the politician has to run commercials to get elected, re-elected or to get their point of view across. So will the coke-head skank be suing them also. Because she doesn't agree with their political ideology and she thinks people would be confusing her and the politicians.


Come on, now her lawyer thinks SHE'S as popular as Oprah, or Madonna, please, I hope the judge gives HER a fine for being stupid.


wo he hao


Yea, I guess we all are guilty at some point of being stupid, some show it more than others....MS Ovadia, stop wasting Lindsay's time. She has enough on her plate...


Can this woman become anymore self absorbed than she already was? Does she think that she owns the name Lindsey? There were comparisons in the story to using Madonna and Oprah, but there is no comparison! There are a million Lindsey's out there! And what is this about likeness? A baby is supposed to prove that it was her likeness? Give me a break! She's an idiot that is obviously getting desperate for money! And what lawyer would get behind something as stupid as this? She is only making herself look more stupid than we already know she is! Go play with yourself Lindsey, because no one wants to play with you anymore!


Wow. I have now. Officially. Completely. Without a doubt. Lost the last .000000001% of respect I had for her. How self-absorbed can you be? Really? All the "Lindseys" in my neighborhood should sue too. Lindsay Lohan is nothing but a used-to-be childhood star, who became a train wreck, and really ya'll should move on from her. I'd rather hear about the Octo-freak at this point.


I am also sick of these annoying talking baby commercials. If she doesn't sue them then I will!

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