Lady Gaga Fashion Watch: Hair Phone Reloaded!

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Okay, it's more phone headpiece than the true hair phone she debuted last month. But Lady Gaga promoted her single, "Telephone," the way Lady Gaga does.

In London, the singer showed off her latest innovative fashion during an appearance on BBC's Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, which airs tomorrow evening.

Wonder if she gets good reception on that sucker ...

Hair Phone Reloaded!

ANYBODY HOME? Lady Gaga's fashion might make you wonder that, but the girl is no gimmick, backing up her bombastic attire with numerous chart-topping singles.

Whether she's wearing scrap metal or lightning bolts on her dome, or topless and bulging out of lingerie, you know Lady G always provides discussion fodder.


lady gaga is a sensatinal artist in boath fashion and music she has inspierd many fashion designers with her querky outlook on fashion she was the lady to bring back the shoulders and big hair this lady has so many looks and can pull every single one off she can take a roll of duck tape and turn it into fashion she is a fashion god and will carry on this faboulus burlesk act of fashion and preforming into the distant future


i luv her


you are far to good for your boyfriend you can get a lots beter than himm :Dxx


lady gaga i think you are great i love you xx


i have to agree with amanda, lady gaga is amazing in her own way, and thats what we need , celebrities that are diffrent. im tired of seeing the same thing and want somethng differnt, and lady gaga gives us different.


I don't care what Lady G does I think she is just fabulous because she's daring, outspoken, and down right bold. I admire her imagination and there has not been a line that she hasn't crossed, or yet will cross, that will scare her away.

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