Kids Choice Awards to Honor Michelle Obama

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As stars (and kids) gather for Nickelodeon's 23rd Annual Kids' Choice Awards Saturday, one unexpected honoree will stand head and shoulders above the rest:

The First Lady of the United States!

Beautiful Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama will be honored for her "Let's Move" campaign to cut down on childhood obesity, announced Nickelodeon, which has donated $3 million to it.

"First Lady Michelle Obama has taken on one of this generation's most pressing concerns: the health and wellness of our nation's children," stated Marva Smalls, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Chief of Staff at Nickelodeon.

The First Lady will be deservingly honored Saturday.

"Michelle's willingness to work hard, influence others and her dedication to improving the nation is inspiring, and we are proud to honor her for her commitment to empowering kids and families to address this important issue."

Also attending? Glee star Lea Michele, Steve Carell, Chris Rock, Jackie Chan, Jonah Hill, Queen Latifah, David Spade, Dev Patel, Miranda Cosgrove and Shaun White.

Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Apolo Anton Ohno are also scheduled to perform.


Great firstlady, How good it realy feels to have a leader above there having a good view at the ground especialy for the young at heart.It feels so good more blessings to you mum!.


I am so happy she is assimilating into human culture


she is an inspiration for wookies everywhere even though Malia clearly has a weight problem


what*, not 'one'


Jeff, Saying that somebody is 'racist' because they claimed that they were a great model for a African-Americans is absurd. She is indeed that, and I believe the obvious undertone is that she is also a great model for women, which seems implied.
By your logic saying that she is a good example to "all women", could be deemed as sexist. Why isn't she a good example for males?
This particular honor and her work towards the fight and endemic struggle with childhood obesity in America is a noble cause for anybody to undertake. Although Michelle's major project is child health she has been rather outspoken about the value of education as well. Whether that is one the other commenter was alluding to or she meant 'well educated' in regards to health, who knows. I appreciate the attempt at progressive equality and correctness but relax and let positive be positive.


Marnie, First, I am appalled by your racist comment. Why is is that she is only an example for african-americans? You add, "It's upstanding that other women admire you as well." Are you kidding? Why couldn't she just be a good example - period - to all women. Second, her agenda is the health of children. It was Laura Bush whose agenda was he education of children. Get your facts straight.


No politics at the Nick???? Where was Laura Bush's award for her eight years of work on childhood iliteracy? Oh right, I forgot, wrong party.


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Thank you Mrs. Michelle Obama for caring so much about our children's health! You are a true example of a mother and wife for all of the African American women. It's upstanding that other women admire you as well. I join you in your crusade in getting our children healthy and well educated. Kids see,hear and take note of you. Grown women do too! You are among the greatest! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!



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