Katy Perry on Justin Bieber: I'd Tap That!

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Katy Perry had an action-packed night at Saturday's Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, presenting an award to Miley Cyrus, getting slimed hard core and laying a kiss on the hot piece of baby-faced prepubescent hotness that is Justin Bieber.

She's not afraid to suggest, half-seriously, that she would totally go there.

Hands in His Pockets

"Told you I would tap that. Yummy," the 25-year-old said on Twitter.

Katy's got the picture to prove it, too. Prepare to be jealous, girls:

Katy Perry would hit that ... but really, what girl wouldn't?

Because Perry is engaged to Russell Brand and Bieber is just 16 going on 10, this relationship would likely never work. But check out that look in her eyes?

She's totally thinking about going statutory, and who can blame her? Better not cross him, though, or the lil' pip squeak will diss her like he did Mariah Carey.

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jb iz not cute!!! hiz okay


all yuh dumb bitchez talking about katy perry in dat way u suk!!


give me your email justin bieber som that i can write to you.


i love you justin bieber your so cute and can you tell me your email please so that i can write to you.


aww i think it's cute. don't take katy that seriously. well, maybe she means it but oh well! i freakin love you justin, but i'm a belieber and i really don't care if somebody kisses him, it's his life -___-


J.B didn"t tap katy your stupet katy your big ????


kety perry is she nuts kety perry is a super star and j.b she s verrrrrrrrrrrrrry nuttttttttts


okay im a jb fan, but its embarrassing for me to look at comments saying "JB IS MY MAN!" ummm.... first of all i highly doubt that. i mean im pretty sure he'd know, right? im not saying it wont happen anymore than me and him or him and katy perry (maybe even avril LOLZ!:)) or which ever girl his famous little heart desires. but please let him choose! when he finds the one for him, than okay. until then leave the poor boy alone! im not saying this to upset anyone, but im pretty sure he wouldnt want to go with an obsessed fan girl. katy and justin are both talented thats what got them where they are. lolz im not going to sit here and preach so bye!




Hahah yuu loser girls are just jealous! :) I think its hot... it kinda turns me on... ;))) just cuz bieber's so hawttt! :D