Kate Gosselin Switching Up Her Hair Again

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As she readies for her debut on Dancing With the Stars, Kate Gosselin has a big decision to make. No, not whether to hire Stephanie Santoro to watch the kids.

Stylist Ted Gibson is giving her hair a new look ... but what kind?

Rumor has it that when Kate hits up the salon today, she’ll be back to her famous short 'do. But only on a temporary basis while her new longer hair is readied.

“She’ll have a new hairdo tomorrow because we’re taking out [her hair extensions] and we’re not putting them back in until Thursday," Gibson dished recently.

“We’re actually doing three different shades, a caramel, a beige blond and a bit of a lighter blonde ... The extensions will last the whole time she’s on the show.”

What do you think? Good move? What hairstyle should she wear on DWTS? Take a look at some recent Kate Gosselin pictures and vote in our survey below ...

Kate G. Hair

What's Kate Gosselin's best hairstyle?


This woman is younger than I, but she looks about 10 years older, no matter what she does with her hair. Also that spikey do she used to wear is freaking ugly.


You people really do need to let go of your anger and pety selfishness. My GOD grow up. If you don't like Kate being on DWTS don't watch it. You say she has no talent what exactly do you have? I don't see you on tv now do I? Stop being so cruel because you are so miserable. Get out and do something productive instead of critizing others all the time. You all act like 2 year old brats.


The Kate Haters - Their issue really is not with Kate. It is within themselves. They are envious and to feel better they nag on and on about Kate all day long. Miserable unhappy women who want to take their misery out on Kate, an easy scapegoat they can bully. It is getting so old, I cannot believe how they can go on like this for years and years. It truly is a type of mental madness on their part.


She looks old and frumpy with longer hair. It just looks awful on her. I don't like the reverse mullet but I do think she looks much better with short hair.


Who cares what she does with her hair. She just had a bunch of kids she has no other talent then that.


Whats wrong with curls? I think semi-tight curls would wear well with her and her beautiful smile.


I think she's just AWESOME.


I hope this lousy bitch choaks on her own hair! What a complete waste of human flesh! Why doesn't she just DIE already?


I'd Hit It !


So many people come to Hollywood to make it as actors and they have gone the nine yards and have the degrees under their belt plus have worked very hard to hone their craft. Then these reality shows come along, and put no talent people in our faces, expecting us to watch them. I am not watching these no talent people. Maybe Hollywood will get a little smarter and give us good quality tv shows, with quality writing, and quality acting. House is a good example, put more money into these types of shows. They'll watch.

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