Kate Gosselin Sucks at Dancing, Rules at Whining

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Shannen Doherty, Jake Pavelka and Erin Andrews all grew frustrated in rehearsals for Dancing With the Stars Monday, but only Kate Gosselin truly achieved diva status.

In footage taken during practice for last night's routine, Kate basically acted like a grating b!tch and told partner Tony Dovolani that he doesn't know how to teach.

Jon Gosselin can relate, Tony. He can totally relate.

Kate would later back off that remark, sort of, saying he simply doesn't "accommodate her learning style." Uh huh. Dovolani could only stare in utter disbelief.

Tony Dovolani attempts to not murder train Kate Gosselin.

The self-important reality mom and certified banshee continued to complain until Dovolani nearly hit his breaking point, where he storms out, proclaiming "I quit."

Once again, Jon can relate, man! You guys should call each other!

Kate "couldn't believe" he was so mad. Of course, being a professional dancer, Tony pulled himself together and eventually returned to practice, and they carried on.

You have to wonder, though, if he's secretly hoping they get eliminated tonight after putting up one of Monday's lowest scores, simply so he can stop talking to her.

Here's a clip of Kate's routine and pity party last night ...




"Cut Kate a break" are you kidding? She is not the only contestant who is not a performer....Jake Pavelka is also just a reality celebrity, but HE IS HOLDING HIS OWN, not Kate....you don't see him whining about how he has never danced, etc. She has no friends, she is estranged from family and her ex....but TONY is the one with the problem? When is she going to face the music that she is just not likable, to put it mildly?


Kate did NOT do "alright" she dances like 2 year old! She is only on still because of sympathetic viewers!


Love the CERTIFIED BANSHEE line. How dare SHE question Tony Dovolanis' teaching. He is a world champion several times over, OK? Hope she falls on her banshee face, but not Tony.


I can't believe Kate is still here, go home and take care of your kids, i hope u r a better mom than a partner. U can't dance, u seem not able to understand instructions but u play the spoiled diva. Grow out of it, ur only merit is having had the sextuplets, otherwise none ever would have spend 10 seconds on u. Ur personality is ugly as hell!


They should have gotten rid of Kate for sure, can not stand this womean.


Kate Gosselin is a self centered bitch... she thinks she can talk to, and treat all men, the way she did Jon.... she only knows how to put people down and really believes she knows it all... She should have been removed from the show first...


I think that Kate did an alright job. Although Ive heard she doesn't get along with everyone on the show she is holding her own. I think people should give her a little more credit! ITIS1210


I can't stand here and i wish they would kick her off the show. She's only trying to make more $$ and stay in the lime lite.


Funny watching Her cry on TV.
Tony should have quit-for real.
She is making Him look bad.

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