Kate Gosselin: Dancing with Stars, in Basement

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As we reported yesterday afternoon and confirmed last night, Kate Gosselin has joined the Dancing with the Stars cast for the season starting March 22.

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    stfu haters!! GO KATE!! kill it gurrl


    This money hungry $%&% will not pay for anything will she???

    SPENDS TIME WITH HER KIDS??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? JOn is trying to step up but she won't let him, she is using the Trump(S) card her kids!!!! Instead she would rather have nanny's look after her kids....

    ANd why in the hell is she on Dancing with the stars anyway...SHE IS FAR FROM STARDOM???


    I HOPE KATE WINS. No one wants to support her eight kids ( not even the father) so let her be all she can be. She has earned her spot with a lot of hard work. Just for one month keep a chart of what it costs you to take care of one child and then xxx that by 8. Now you understand... so shut up and sit down and enjor the show


    ABC can do a lot of things for Kate but they can't give her talent, personality or ease on camera. If she wins it proves the show is rigged.


    I hope her the best and hope she proves every one wrong. Don’t waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.


    for the love of god... When is her 15 minutes of fame going to end. We are so sick of John and Kate.


    If she really was "single mom just trying to make money".....why not work as an RN, what you are TRAINED and EDUCATED to do???? And you can work at home like a REAL working mom supporting her kids....but of course there are no cameras or celebrities, so she's not interested. She is the phoniest "mom" ever.


    Well if people are laughing at Kate, they might as well snicker at Pam Anderson..Really? isn't she just as washed up at 40something?? all she has going for her is her boobs. Baywatch was years ago! None on the "list" are stars.


    I wish Kate all the best and I will be watching/voting which I have never done before. As someone who CANNOT dance, but always WISHED I could just once in my life, I will be cheering for her and looking forward to seeing her improve as the show goes on. Plus, I hear she's getting at least $100,000.00 to start and more if she does well, while practicing at home and only being away two days aweek. Dear old dad can see his children for two days aweek without even putting a dent in his "socializing" schedule.


    This whole new look of hers is awful. She totally looks like she's trying to be something she's not. The new hair, makes her look old and it's not a good look on her, the clothes etc. As far as the dancing goes, she's now in a position that she's got to survive in the limelight, it's been created. She must have someone looking after her kids obviously because she can't do this show without that help. I don't agree with everything she's doing but she chose this life and she's the one that has to deal with it.

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