Justin Bieber vs. Nick Jonas: Who Would You Rather?

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One is 17.

One just turned 16.

Both are young, adorable, talented and desired by millions of girls around the world. Life sure is tough for Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas, isn't it?

The cute singers may be able to relate to each other, but we don't care. We wanna know who you, the reader, wish to relate to... in bed!

Compare Justin and Nick below and then answer the poll question that follows. (Note to Miley Cyrus: Sorry, but you don't need to bother.)

Cutie in Concert
Football Cutie

Who would you rather...


I would pick Nick, Justin doesn't even look like a male. Nick does, I don't love him but, I rather have Nick. And to all those girls who are in love with Justin Bieber, are lesbians.
This is coming from a 17 years old girl


Nick, who loves Justin anyway? Justin is not a Christian, Nick is, and, Nick is hot!!!!

@ Mrs. Nicholas Jerry Jonas

i love him, hes so talented and hes better then anyone out there, maybe not michael jackson, whitney but he is sure better then nick


i would take nick he is hot he has curly hair and justin is a midgit ..his not even cute people follow his money he does girls with a dollar bill lol


I pick Nick Jonas
and i will love nick jonas 4ever!!


My name is Ashely


Um.. My name is Carol and I'm from Korea.
I am such a big fan of Jonas Brothers.
Especially I love Nick and Joe.
I did like Justin Bieber, but it's long time ago.
I'm so glad to see that Nick is winning.^^


I would so rather have Justin than Nick, I mean I did used to love The Jonas Brothers but that was along time ago. I'm a belieber now. Justin will always be in my heart!

@ Mrs. Bieber

thank you, hes so much better than nick, nick is ugly


nick makes me smile and my hart melt i love him so much


nick jonas is my one and only love he makes my


I like Nick better than Justin. I knew Nick first. And about Justin, I just don't like his character now, too different. Nick, be the best! I like to be your sis or friend!

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