Justin Bieber vs. Nick Jonas: Who Would You Rather?

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One is 17.

One just turned 16.

Both are young, adorable, talented and desired by millions of girls around the world. Life sure is tough for Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas, isn't it?

The cute singers may be able to relate to each other, but we don't care. We wanna know who you, the reader, wish to relate to... in bed!

Compare Justin and Nick below and then answer the poll question that follows. (Note to Miley Cyrus: Sorry, but you don't need to bother.)

Cutie in Concert
Football Cutie

Who would you rather...

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for everyone who says nick, well use are totally wrong, justin bieber has talent and whoever doesnt like him are just jeolus because hes cute and talented


nick jonas all the way and if you ask selena i bet she will agree


justin looks like an girl, so nick


Even Though I'm 25, I rather to have sex with a guy
is 5 years younger than me, crap, but Nick is manly
at least, and I heard that he is a Christian, so I think it is very unlikely that Nick would have sex before marriage, he has a purity ring, idiots.......


Well duh! Everybody rather to have sex with him, only
lesbians rather to have sex with Justin Bieber, cause he looks like a girl! By the way, Nick is now 20, I think, anyway, I am 24 and rather to have sex with him, too bad that he is a virgin, so............


Is the sky blue? If it is then I will pick Nick, oh wait
let me look outside, hold on. hummming, .........
Oh! It's blue! So I pick Nick Jonas, hahahahaha, LOL,
Even if Nick has a really long hair he still will look better, LOL, Justin is just a little twerp.....


Um, nick, why jusin?


I would pick Nick. I do not like Justin or Nick, but Nick seems like more mature and I don't love Nick, but I know that he's is more mature than most boys on this planet. He is a good guy, and he is a strong Christian like Tim Tebow, but this question is very ridiculous and unwise, Nick won't even sleep with a girl for a billing dollars unmarried.


I.......... pick.......... Nick! Justin is so lame, has lame hair, lame body, so yeah, I pick Nick Jonas, by the way, this is the dumbest question I've ever heard.


Uh Nick, Justin is a dork. Go Nick!

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