Justin Bieber Rocks The Late Show

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It's been an interesting couple weeks for Justin Bieber.

First, Ke$ha seemingly disrespected the young singer by referring to him as a "baby" (she later apologized).

Then, Bieber may or may not have dissed Mariah Carey.

But Justin did have one clearly positive result over the last few days: his performance on The Late Show with David Letterman. Watch below, as the 16-year old does his thing, followed by a few photos of him outside the studio...

Photo of Justin Bieber
Hot Sneakers
Outside Letterman Studios

is he gay ?


kevin ur a gay im pretty sure that justin is not gsy


OMG, what a gay... His voice is horrible!


Actually, the back up singers are in their late 20's...AND are awesome!! Legaci, you ROCK! It only looks that way because Justin is so darn YOUNG. Hahah


isnt it weird that all of his dancers and back-up band look like they're pushin 40 years??


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