Justin Bieber Challenges Zac Efron to a Hair-Off!

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When it comes to a pair of the most popular young stars on the planet, we have two words:

It's. On.

Interview by The New York Times' T Magazine last week, Justin Bieber was asked about his lovely locks. Specifically, the following question was posed:

"Who would win in a hair-off between you and Zac Efron?"

The 16-year old singer tried to remain diplomatic and replied: "I'll let you decide. But all I'll say is that it's no competition."

Justin vs. Zac

You heard him, folks: he'll let us decide! Go to it below.

Who has better hair?


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EMM! I LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER IS MORE BEAUTIFUL AND SING BEAUTIFUL,,, for me is JUSTIN ... I love him and always will BELIEBER,,,, make me a cut on his arm and my blood is purple .... AMOOO LO! Justin if you see this message I want to say that I adore!


TOTALY ZAC EFRON JB has a swallon head and the haircut is oldschool


Hey zac,
Hey babe I love you I recone your hair is sexy
Every one loves your especially Vanessa yous are a great couple redone you should get married when you ready!!!!!!! Olive you zanesa!!!


hmm im contented with what j.b hairs have right now, j.b is so so cute.. Like j.b..




i think that zack loocks more better thant jjustin beber :]


Justin has such a big fat head!! "I'm no competition" Justin's a stupid fag!!!!! Zac is so much better!!!!!! And he's not gay!!!!!!!!!!!


ZAC EFRON ALL THE WAY!!!YEAHH ZAC EFRON IS A GAY BUT JUSTIN BIEBER IS A GAY TOO,BITCH!!!if u don't know anything u just SHUT UP...!!!!but i think ZAC EFRON isx10000000000000 better than JUSTIN BIEBER!!!kiss your ass before U hate ZAC EFRON...!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Justin Bieber has beautiful hair, I want it!!!!


Wow seriously only if he means theres no comparison because Zac would win in a heartbeat,and for all of u dumbasses calling him gay,why the hell would he be with Vanessa?jealous haters. Justin bieber looks like a 10 year old boy but have fun jerking off to him,his hair almost takes over his short little self