Joslyn James to Drop Sext Bomb on Tiger

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Joslyn James, one of many Tiger Woods mistresses, is prepared to start properly cashing in on her notoriety by releasing "sexts" from the world's #1 golfer.

The porn star, whose dalliances with Tiger are said to have upset Elin Woods even more than most of his affairs, is going public today with more dirt on him.

TMZ says Joslyn James is about to release text messages he sent to her, as well as "other revealing items", stating, "It's time to tell the truth about Tiger."

Don't we already know at this point? Oh who cares, it'll be fun!

Joslyn James Picture

We can't imagine Joslyn James has anything new or that shocking to say at this point, but you never know with the Tiger Woods scandal. He is full of surprises!

After the Jaimee Grubbs voicemail and the emails to Rachel Uchitel, what is there about Tiger Woods we don't know at this point? Dude nailed a lot of girls. We get it.

Just the same, Joslyn James will release a ton of stuff, apparently, at 11:00 EDT today, including scores of "shocking" never-before-seen text messages from Tiger.

The best part? She set up a website to promote this..

The URL?


To Reny, That was super funny, I lol.


and the beat goes on, sheesh,brain dead,turn off the lights, you are so over.


I guess she doesn't care that the world views her as a skank, after all, she is a porn star. She should go crawl back under a rock with her VD.


This is the same damsel in distress who sat alongside Attorney Gloria Allred (after Tiger's national apology) wearing a shaggy wig and crying her heart out,wanting a telephone or even better a face to face apology from him. Ms. Allred claimed that her client
gave up her career as a porno star to be with Tiger,and he needs to call her.When Tiger gave his message of apology,he was Not suppose to lot back and acknowledge anyone other than his wife and family.It is amazing how people can get so turned on by the temporary attention from the media that they lose the fact that they are embarrassing themselves,and the people who thought that they knew them. JJ has now joined a school of women who damaged their own reputations more by trying to ca$h in long after the man is no longer interested in them as a paramour.


Many believe with Tiger's recent official release of the end os his sabbatical and beginning of his return to golf tournaments, the wave of women will come back for their diminishing opportunity of pay/publicity day... It is pitiful to see how these women desperate to get their remaining minutes of fame...
Tiger: Just move on ! You need to be strong though because people will say things to embarass you.. But don't worry ! Get this thing move past you...Every one makes mistakes...the key is you admit it and try to correct/improve ... Move on and start a new chapter in your life.. If your marriage is saved, great... If not, just move on and do the best that you can in your career and personal life... It is your life...


Honestly, she needs to find the release valve on her breasts and let some air out.


Oh stop with the whole tiget thing! Stick to what you know best-porn and shut the f*ck up all ready!


She is such a real bad woman. Good for Tiger he moved on and is now trying to mend his life, work on his marriage and family. This woman obviously did not learn the lesson about being the other woman or a mere fling. ALl men when they have affairs will always say that they are having problems with their wives. She is cold, this and that but the real thing its just for her to somewhat believe so she will do good in bed. I hope Tiger will not waste any money for this woman. Just tell Elin all the gross things you have done and that you will never go back to it. That is all that matters. Do not be bothered Tiger! Keep your marriage and the kids.. let these women salivate of your billions!!!


the site doesnt even work!


He's a scum bag and so are the sponsors who continue to support him. Even his wife has sold out ie: Nike bandana.

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