Joslyn James to Drop Sext Bomb on Tiger

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Joslyn James, one of many Tiger Woods mistresses, is prepared to start properly cashing in on her notoriety by releasing "sexts" from the world's #1 golfer.

The porn star, whose dalliances with Tiger are said to have upset Elin Woods even more than most of his affairs, is going public today with more dirt on him.

TMZ says Joslyn James is about to release text messages he sent to her, as well as "other revealing items", stating, "It's time to tell the truth about Tiger."

Don't we already know at this point? Oh who cares, it'll be fun!

Joslyn James Picture

We can't imagine Joslyn James has anything new or that shocking to say at this point, but you never know with the Tiger Woods scandal. He is full of surprises!

After the Jaimee Grubbs voicemail and the emails to Rachel Uchitel, what is there about Tiger Woods we don't know at this point? Dude nailed a lot of girls. We get it.

Just the same, Joslyn James will release a ton of stuff, apparently, at 11:00 EDT today, including scores of "shocking" never-before-seen text messages from Tiger.

The best part? She set up a website to promote this..

The URL?


Hey e dog must be nice to be perrrrfect. How come no one is picking on the lovely upstanding ladies is this situation. Get a life e dog. Tiger is no different than all those hollywood stars everyone idolizes.
He's a golfer not the president


Here's a much needed reality check for fans of Tiger Woods. The level of your niavete and cluelessness is breathtaking. The man is a low life scumbag. I bet all of you admired "Slick Willy" Clinton, too. In case you missed it, he's still telling lies about the car crash. You know, the one where his "courageous" wife rushed to his aid and just happened to have a golf club in her hand. And now, after therapy, he's going live happily ever after with the woman who obviously couldn't satisfy the man. Righttttt.


leave tiger wood alone. ever body maker mistake. this is between his wife and him. tiger wood you are great.


I have learnt not to listen to people who are quick to criticize other people for their sexual lifestyle and fantasies. If it was possible for human brains can be scanned to reveal inner thoughts and fantasises many of those same critics would hang their heads in shame. Leave Tiger Woods alone. Most persons would have been tempted to make the same mistakes he made if they were his position.


This Joslyn is a Fu&&&&U& Slut!!! I'd like to see her and the rest of the pigs wrapped around a tree!!


Sounds to me like someone is getting money to try and ruin his career. The question is who or whom? Why else would she wait till he was to start playing again to release even more messages. Come on folks this is getting to be worse then a cheap dime store novel. Anyone with half a brain could see right throw this one, and I am not even a fan of Tigers really. This just has 'blackmail his career' written all over it!


He's one sick puppy.....he needs more than therapy.....


James and Allred are just two money grubbing low class whores who have no decency and no self respect for themselves! I hope that they both rot in hell one day!


This immoral, shameless wh**e is doing this out of spite and revenge! She wanted money from Tiger but could not get any. Well, there is no surprise here because this is what you get when you put trash with trash... more trash!!!


I do hope Tiger Woods can be back to normal life asap... I can't imagine his "world of hell" in the last few months with these women cashing in for $ and publicity by appearing in TV, writing books and releasing text/voicemails etc... It takes a lot of courage and strength for someone to overcome this hurdle and stand back up... As a woman, I feel so shameful for these women (alleged mistresses, Gloria A.) for their endeavour to cash in for publicity and money.... I feel most vomiting for the attorney Gloria who facilitates these notions ... Gloria: Aren't there better things to get on as business for an attorney ? You are an attorney, yet you are behaving as like a b**ch ...Gloria: Do you have any dignity or sense of shame ????

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