Joslyn James: Following Tiger to The Masters!

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Tiger Woods' return to golf could get a lot dirtier.

The embattled star's former mistress, Joslyn James, said she plans to be at The Masters in Augusta, Ga., next month when Woods makes a much anticipated comeback.

His estranged wife, Elin Woods, is leaning towards not going, likely in no small part because of Woods' dalliances with James, the details of which she keeps leaking.

We doubt Joslyn being nearby will help his focus.

Although he has flown her in to be with him at events before (including right after his first child's birth) so you never know ... maybe she's a good luck charm?

Joslyn James in Action

Tiger Woods liked what he saw in Joslyn James, his porn star mistress. He also liked choking and spanking her, according to text messages she claims he sent her.

According to reports, Joslyn is currently planning on working at a gentleman's club just down the street from the Augusta National Golf Club. She is really out to rile him.

She has certainly become one of the more visible Tiger Woods mistresses, posting frequent updated on a new site, which talks all about her relationship with him.

Fortunately for Woods, Augusta National Golf Club and The Masters are well contained, with media credentials handed out months early and tickets hard to come by.

Most celebrity gossip tabloids and stalkers will have to camp out down the street, in other words, or see James strip in Atlanta, where she's also going to do a "show."

She's not even getting paid, so why is she out to smear him so badly? James deserves "an apology from Tiger because he had to gall to cheat with other women."

Cheat with women other than her, that is.


JJ is mad because Uchitel got paid, and she didn't. I can actually sympathize (not empathize) with her position. Her message should be that Tiger is not fair because Uchitel got paid, but she was neglected. This site has big time moral outrage over Tiger's texts, but rags on Prejean because she is not down with gay marriage. In terms of freaky behaviour the average gay guy like our distinguished congressperson Barney Fwank would make Tiger and Prejean look like saints.


I love how she went from sleazy low-budget porn star to dressing like Mrs. Cleaver, acting like a hurt puppy finding out he was cheating on her. Lol! Did she selectively forget that SHE was the other woman and NOT his wife? What a crackpot. She needs to go back to the porn gutter and he needs to file stalking charges against her.


Shameless ! A woman stalking a man who dumped her....and the world knowing she was dumped... Does she know she is pitifully shameless ? I come to conclusion that this woman has mental illness.... Do you think so ?


worst whore of the whore..Tiger, don't give her any money... JJ's minute of fame is fading, that is why she is desperate trying to invent some....and she knows once Tiger is back in normalcy in life after a few tournaments, she won't be able to squeeze a dime...

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