Jesse James' Top-Ranked Lover: Sandra Bullock!

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Sure, he likely cheated on her with Michelle McGee ... and Melissa Smith ... and Brigitte Daguerre. But Jesse James said Sandra Bullock is the best in bed!

That quote is sure to be comforting to her right now.

Nearly a year ago, around the same time tattoo model Michelle McGee alleges a torrid affair with Jesse James, he gushed about his wife to Howard Stern.

Asked if Bullock was the "best lover" of his life, James replied, "Absolutely, hands down." Wow, that hurts, Melissa Smith. Two years of practice for nothing!

In the same interview, James noted that when he and Bullock began dating in late 2003, her friends all told her "this is no good." Shoulda listened, girl ...

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Picture

Sandra Bullock and cheating husband Jesse James earlier this year.

Continuing his praise for Sandra and for their marriage, James said "two people that kind of have perceived success in their fields; we both are strong."

"I think when it's lopsided, then you're going to be sweating all the details."

Sounds like the cheating was pretty lopsided, though, as were white supremacist photo shoots. At least according to what we know of Nazi Michelle McGee.

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It seems weird to me that all of JJ's sluts resemble men in some way, if JJ is really gay then he's in a bad way too, but, don't let him off the hook Sandy you are just in a whole different world than someone that would threaten all of the good work you've done for him to keep his kids like this, everybodies a loser here cause nobody wants their kids raised by a sex addict, especially if he flaunts really low class women at work where his kids hang out all of the time.


Yeah, same thing my cheating sociopathic X said to me. Right. They are blued eyed handsome bad boys and no matter how classy we are....they snow us with their BS and walk on the wild side. But, they LIVE there. Can a leopard change its spots.....nope, and neither do these sociopaths. To them, it's all in the con. Cut your losses, Sandra, move on and don't look back!