Jesse James Nazi Photo: Real and Ridiculous

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No wonder Jesse James was so into Michelle McGee.

Sandra Bullock's cheating husband and his mistress apparently shared more than bodily fluids an interest in tattoos - they both love some Nazi paraphernalia.

James, Jesse

A now-infamous Michelle McGee Nazi photo spread surfaced around the time she outed James' affair with her. Now a Nazi picture of Jesse has been unearthed.

It's not pretty, either, even as Nazi pics go.

Wow. As if Jesse James' image weren't tarnished enough ...

Wearing a Waffen SS visor and striking the Hitler "sleg heil" salute, it's clearly Jesse James in the photo, published by Us and taken roughly two years ago.

It's unclear where it was taken, but there looks to be a replica of an plane used by famed German WWI pilot Manfred von Richthofen, a.k.a. The Red Baron.

So is Jesse James a white supremacist? Probably not. But on the list of things that are hard to put a positive spin on, posing as Hitler ranks pretty high.

We're sure Sandra Bullock's divorce lawyer will have a field day with this picture. Think Jesse, who just checked into rehab, can get treatment for Nazism?


What a foolish and senseless person this man is. Jesse James, you're dumb. Once you insult the these people, you're disliked regardless of how many time you apologize--just ask Mel Gibson.


1488, you have got to be one of the more ignorant,bigoted, idiotic, vile people ever~~I hesitate to put you in a human category? Do you know what a racist redneck you are~~~we can only hope you spew this rubbish to some "angry person" who will whip your stupid racist ass~~


I guess you really can tall a book by its cover. Sandra should have known better.


Wow. Sometimes people need to realize that every thing good, bad, indifferent or "seemingly funny", has implications and very negative ones at that. Considering the hateful (GROSS understatement)expression of the first commenter, images like these only breeds more hate, forget about racism and prejudice in general, I mean it breeds PURE HATE. Shame on Jesse James... joke or not. This is incredibly irresponsible and ASSININE of him!


Talking about "Sleeping with the Enemy".


Complete and utter idiot


That sh*t is nothing to joke about! BS, joke or not. He needs to do his research because it was no conspiracy, it happened and how would he like a trip to the gas chamber.