Jesse James Nazi Photo: Coming Soon!

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Who knew Jesse James and mistress Michelle McGee had more in common than tattoos, adultery and general trashiness: He's got a Nazi photo spread too!

According to TMZ, there is a photo of James making the rounds in which he wearing a hat identical to the one Michelle McGee wore in her Nazi photo shoot.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

In his picture, Jesse James is making the Nazi salute.

The photo, taken two years ago, is undeniably him, and the hat Jesse is wearing is nearly the same as what's sported by Michelle McGee in her Nazi pics. Bizarre.

We knew Jesse James was an a$$hole. But a Nazi?!

Even better (worse), in his photo, Jesse is holding up his right hand in a "Heil Hitler" pose ... and with his left hand he is sort of covering his mouth with two fingers.

As in mimicking Hitler's mustache? Can this get any more sickening? Who does that? Apparently Sandra Bullock's husband, when he's not too busy cheating on her.

The woman selling the Nazi picture says she didn't actually take it (yeah, likely story), rather, it belonged to a friend who happened to be working with Jesse James.

The friend supposedly doesn't know it's been hawked. Stay tuned.

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Sandra bullock is half German on her mothers side..I believe its first generation German.


thts just wow


No, Sandra Bullock is not Jewish


Im soo mad at you, Jesse. How dare you hurt Sandra like that??? you needs confese your feeling to Sandra first place.. Sandra needs real man and needs his love. NOT SEX at all. youre dumb and worse than your ex wife, Janince. I can see how it going on.


Jesse James--what a joke!


So if the photo couldn't be produced right away when this story first came out, there is either a legal reason; or, it's taking a while to photo shop it to look real.


isn't sandra bullock jewish? geez


Tv show Extra will never get an interview with Bullock after paying this Mcgee freak's husband for a sitdown. He said the award show made Bombshit crazy and she was bent on destroying Jesse. Why couldnt he just wank off? Instead a crazy fatal attraction is ruining not only his life but Sandra's and the kids.


Jesse James is a gross man. He looks like he smells like vomit and hamburger helper.


Ok.. Tiger Woods has to be breathing easier knowing that their actually IS someone out there who has worse taste in skanks then he does !

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