Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler Heat Up W

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Maybe they're just friends, maybe they're not. But Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler definitely got down, dirty and downright smoldering for the W Magazine cover!

How dirty? Literally pretty dirty. Jennifer's stylist, Chris McMillan, was instructed by famed photographer Steven Klein, not to wash her hair. The result? Raw sexiness.

Scarf Style

"At the end of the first day, Steven came up to me and goes, 'Could you please ask her if she could not wash her hair and just show up tomorrow?'" McMillan recalls.

The Bounty Hunter actress was all too happy to oblige - and just look at the results. If Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler were any hotter, well, they'd be Brangelina.

Ironically, Jen and Gerry's cover shoot was done by Klein, who shot Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, '60s family style, for the mag in 2005. Begging the question ...

Which W Magazine cover couple is hotter?


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I like the cover of jen and gerry, because it is hot. I do not think they are trying that hard. And just because you're hot doesn't mean you shouldn't put on a show! They are actors and we want to be entertained! They deserve the attention, because they want it, and worked for it!


the PHOTO of Jen & Fatboy is hotter; that's how it's costumed and posed. However here is nothing really sexy about either of them alone or separately. Angelina is the HOT one--and she and Brad surely make a much more sensual couple. (At least back when he shaved they did.) If you want to talk doing fake things for publicity Aniston does fake do they /don't they? romances for every movie. Those of you who think that Angelina does the kind of humanitarian things --the UN work, the financial donations, the trips to refugee camps and orphanages, Africa. Haiti and New Orleans to try and help the devastated victims of disasters and wars--which public appearances take more hard work and commitment? Which are more worthwhile?


I like Jen and Gerard!!!! They're so cute and seem to be so happy togheter! I wish her all the best and hope this time it's the right one.
It is definetely time for her to set an end with the Brad thing and to move forward. Gerard is much more better than a Brad-reunion!!!! Brad has Angie - Angie is completely different, I don't know why people are always comparing Jen and Angie???!!! Brad has familiy and he has responsibilty - and it seems that they have to work on their problems. He should stop to involve Jen in his problems, he made her suffering a lot, it was his decision to leave and now it is Jen's turn to be happy after this all. I vote for Jen and Gerard, good luck for their future and lots of beautiful babies!!!


Who said that AAngelina JoDIE and Brad are real people??¿¿??!!?¿ They the most fake family that ever exist, they are togeter only for the bussines!!! because if they split they lose allot of money. I am sad for the kids because Anglina is so IRRESPONSIBLE, only for the popularity she adopted and has SIX!!!!!! child but whit 6 childs in house a good mother shoud be whit they, because they ned a good parenting. If she want to work, she doesnt have many kids, so IRRESPONSIBLE.


Sorry Teddy but it is just my opinion that you are a little "girl" loon that does not know what "she" is talking about. You wouldn't know HOT if it sat on your face. Sorry Loons--just my opinion.


jennifer aniston is absolutely pathetic and whines too much angelina & brad are sexy and smoooooth


Jen and Gerard look AMAZING. They look so cute together and the shoot was hot as!!
Jen's revenge is Brad being turned into a puppet by the skeletal Angelina Jolie. Watch Brad and Angie decay, thats' what I say!


The side by side just proves that Angelina is 10 times hotter than Jen will ever be, even when Jen is trying to be overtly sexy.


Sorry Jenhens, but she's just not sexy and there is no chemistry. Ill give them an A for effort though, lol... The Jolie-Pitts blow them out of the water. They're sexy without trying, even with little kids running around. Jen tries too hard and seems to still be obsessed with Brad, as she's becoming desperate and pathetic. I can see why Brad left boring, plain Jen for the insanely fascinating and gorgeous Jolie. Jen and Gerry are the poor mans version of Angie and Brad. Average at best. Just my opinion people...