Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: What a Tease

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Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler sure have great chemistry. Or know how to make it look like they do so that you'll go see their movie in theaters.

At the most recent press event in Madrid, Spain, for The Bounty Hunter, Jen chose a sexy short black dress with leather, lace and beading to wear.

Jennifer Aniston Dumped?

It was a wise decision, we feel confident saying.

By the look on Gerard Butler’s face, we can tell that he approves ... then again, besides Brad Pitt, what sane man would possibly raise objections?!

They are so the hottest rumored couple ever ...

Jen and Gerry heat up Spain ... and romance rumors.

While it sure beats the salmon-colored hideousness she rocked the other day, you have to wonder who wears a dress that resembles lingerie on the red carpet.

Well, we suppose a lot of celebrities would. But we expect a little bit more from Jen. Maybe she's just so smitten with Gerard Butler that she couldn't resist ...


Gerald likes beautiful women and this hag isn't! She is an orange makeup clown with stringy ugly blonde threads and a MANFACE. She is such a pathetic user of guys that she makes movies with. She makes sure she grabs them etc. Gerald can't wait until the press is over with. He's been busy dating women all over the world wherever the press junkets are. She pretends there is something because she is just a desperate freak.


People should leave them alone. They are just co-workers and friends. That's their job to promote the movie they made. Both of them just tried their best on the red carpet. I believe this rumour will die down in a couple of weeks.


She's so freaking desperate.She is pathetic. The way she clings to him to start and perpetuate the rumors is disgusting. She slept with so many celebrities just to keep herself in the limelight. She's getting too old for these stupid rom-coms. Same stringy hair plastered all over her face to cover up her funky-ass bone structure. She's mediocre as an actress and is equally terrible in relationships OBVIOUSLY! GO AWAY ANISTON. YOU SUCK JUST LIKE YOUR MOVIES.


Here's hoping that this is Not a movie publicity romance,meaning when the movie goes to DVD,the romance goes that-a-way. Jennifer is long overdue for some "real" love and happiness,and if she finds it in Gerard,I applaud her choice.


Just an observation But their faces seem AWFULLY CLOSE together in a lot of the recent photos of them. I know I wouldn't put my face that close to someone's I wasn't fond of or wanted to be affectionate with.


she is so lovley and i am sure gerald love her so much i hope they marry soon

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