Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler: Cutest Rumored Couple Ever

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They may or may not be dating, and may or may not have hooked up on the set of their movie, but if there's a hotter pairing than these two, we haven't see it.

Nor have we seen The Bounty Hunter, which looks terrible.

Still, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston showed some very public displays of affection on the red carpet of the London premiere of their new film Thursday.

What do you think? Just friends and co-stars? Or something so much more? You be the judge ... but there's no disputing the obvious chemistry here ...

Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston Picture

The heat that is Jen and Gerry. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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What happen to her mouth? It's look like mouse mouth. she copy Jolie but come out terrible, ugly


No Snarf. It's the kind you find where friends have each others back, and have respect for each other


Hellion, if that is your MO, please do not assume that on anyone else. Give Jen the credit for being classy, not sleeping with married men, and contributing to the break up of relationships. She has moved on with her life, and is having a ball. I guess you would rather see her having a lesbian relationship and french kissing her brother. Go read a book and get educated, you moron!!


Jennifer and Gerard look cute together. It doesn't matter if they are dating or not, I love both of them as actors, both are talented. I've seen the Bounty Hunter, and it's actually a pretty decent film, I'd buy it. @Hellion, just because 2 people are dating doesn't mean they sleep together. Clearly you have the wrong idea of a relationship.


Love Jennifer! They would make a cute couple!


@ Hellion:
Yo, bitch...don't call names on someone you didn't know. Did you ever see her fucking someone with your own eyes? You just read magazines,tabloids, or any fucking gossip sources which are full of bullshits. NOBODY knows about her except God,herself,or people around her. Besides, even if she DID date those men doesn't mean she slept with all of 'em... All single women/men out there -famous or not- have the right to find the "one". We meet someone, going out with him/her, and end up being just friends or being a couple...that's perfectly NORMAL..


I couldnt agree more the most beautiful and sexy couple ever. I think they really care or love each other very much. Who knows? I wish them luck in the future and cant wait to see the movie. Why are people so cruel to even say mean things. Jealousy!!!!!


@ Hellion My friend dates a lot of guys. Yet she vows never to sleep with any of the them. Is she still a slut then?


wow! jennifer has already said they are just friends! gerard has said they are friends! they look like single people that are enjoying themselves! at least they aren't fake kissing! can't wait to see the movie!


Its all for show, prob a contract for Gerry to look interested. But don't assume that either one sleeps around just because the pap press says so.