Jamie Jungers Wins Tiger Woods Mistress Pageant!

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Radio magnate Howard Stern held his long-awaited beauty pageant for Tiger Woods' mistresses Wednesday, with Jaime Jungers taking home the dubious honors.

To the victor goes a $75,000 cash prize. And that to the hush money he likely paid to keep her from blabbing to the press or Elin Woods, and she did pretty well!

Tiger Woods Rollin'

Jamie Jungers' win came after she answered most of the leering questions the radio legend threw her way, including those about Woods' anatomical endowments.

She's a classy chick, no doubt.

Also competing in the contest, which is simultaneously sad, absurd and hilarious, were Loredana Jolie and Jaimee Grubbs, who pocketed $15,000 as runners-up.

Jamie Jungers takes home the prestigious honor.

It was no surprise to see Grubbs taking part in the pageant, given that she shamelessly sold Tiger Woods' voicemail and has given umpteen interviews about him.

Loredana Jolie? No surprise there either. We would have loved to see a higher turnout, though. What else do you have going on, Cori Rist? Or you, Theresa Rogers?

Rachel Uchitel was barred from competing, due to her settlement with Tiger, which might have altered the results. Did the right woman win? Vote in our poll below!

Did Jamie deserve to win this prestigious honor, or should it have gone to another cocktail waitress? Which Tiger Woods mistress is the hottest?


Tiger spoke with no remorse,reading from a teleprompter a prepared statement that had absolutely no heartfelt feelings in it,because they were not his words.


How old is that guy in the back? Shoo, he looks like he's at least 70. WTF, is he stuffed he looks like a corpse held up by sticks. One thing certain he one ugly mofo.


So which gentleman will take the risk to be the boyfriend, have a fling, an affair or relationship with any of these women in future knowing that they will readily publicise your sex habits and conversation or perhaps fabricate or exaggerate on it in order to gain publicity and money opporunities ??? Pls ensure you get them to sign a non-disclosure contract first before you go to bed with any of them or even go out with them... Knowing this, they will have a hard time to find a cash cow to finance them in their mistress role in future... Being a mistress is already wrong and their publication of sex conversation/details is horribly low...


for all you howard haters, go fuck yourself. this man is a genuis, dont be hating on him for coming up with something you wish you could have done. howard stern for governor of NY! next pres


Howard looks like their grandmother with a wig on! Look at this bag of shit, I think his adam's apple is bigger than his nose.


Stern is a mosquito faced duchbag extraordinaire. This ugly POS has had the same wig on for thirty years. Who does this scumbag think he is fooling. Pox on him and his hos. As for Tiger and his ho, f__k them too.


These women are making a mockery of themselves to keep milking the limelight because of their association with a married man,who
along with his wife has chosen to try to repair their marriage.
$75,000.00 for what? 15,000.00 for what?? Just showing up??
To continue to court publicity by being labeled a married man's mistress after he has returned home,these modern day Jazebels show
that they continue to devalue themselves as women, and with check in hand,still have the morals of an alley cat!!!


HAHA! wow when I first read this title I thought pageant was "pregnant" and I saw Tiger Woods and Mistress and I thought O godd..here we go! But phew its just a pageant.


Take Howard Stern out of the equation because we know how he rolls,but for these women to be willing participants on a pagent labeled Tiger Woods' mistresses is way off base.If fame is the name of the game,then there is no shame in their game.To continue to allow your name to be associated in such a manner with a man who we are know is married, says more than I choose to know about these women.


So how come the wave of e-news in these few months claimed Tiger have 15++ mistresses when only three of them appeared in this pageant ? So even Rachel was counted as a mistress, my addition told me only 3 + 1 = 4 mistresses... So are all those allegedly mistresses in that list of women "fabricating" their affairs with Tiger OR at least they have no solid evidence they had previous affairs with Tiger and only these 4 ladies have voicemails/texts etc ??? So can we believe in e-news ? or we can say Tiger did have affairs (and he admitted to this plus giving a public apology), but the media had exaggerated and fabricated it at least 3 to 4 times more attempting to mess up his marriage to create more joice for publicity ... and that is very unethicial for the media to fabricate, exaggerate as well as to publish e-news without solid evidence...

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