Jamie Jungers Wins Tiger Woods Mistress Pageant!

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Radio magnate Howard Stern held his long-awaited beauty pageant for Tiger Woods' mistresses Wednesday, with Jaime Jungers taking home the dubious honors.

To the victor goes a $75,000 cash prize. And that to the hush money he likely paid to keep her from blabbing to the press or Elin Woods, and she did pretty well!

Tiger Woods Rollin'

Jamie Jungers' win came after she answered most of the leering questions the radio legend threw her way, including those about Woods' anatomical endowments.

She's a classy chick, no doubt.

Also competing in the contest, which is simultaneously sad, absurd and hilarious, were Loredana Jolie and Jaimee Grubbs, who pocketed $15,000 as runners-up.

Jamie Jungers takes home the prestigious honor.

It was no surprise to see Grubbs taking part in the pageant, given that she shamelessly sold Tiger Woods' voicemail and has given umpteen interviews about him.

Loredana Jolie? No surprise there either. We would have loved to see a higher turnout, though. What else do you have going on, Cori Rist? Or you, Theresa Rogers?

Rachel Uchitel was barred from competing, due to her settlement with Tiger, which might have altered the results. Did the right woman win? Vote in our poll below!

Did Jamie deserve to win this prestigious honor, or should it have gone to another cocktail waitress? Which Tiger Woods mistress is the hottest?


Tiger was the shark as he was the predator...the girls young and naive,starstruck and pumped full of fantasies as Tiger would fill there heads with a bunch of lies,made to believe they were the only one as he would have another in the room right next to theirs.


You are the same people that said OJ was innocent,Tiger would send his bodyguards to approach them they could not approach him believe it or not but not one of these women said a thing to the press until he was caught by his own stupid ass because he went to play cards and left his phone behind. Tiger every bit a egomaniac, he would brazenly be in public mostly Vegas at the MGM with these girls.He spent Christmas in his wife's home with one of them and would text them all day long while with the wife and kids.Oh and the tipping thing has nothing to do with the girls but the type of guy he is.I know this as my wife waited on him in Vegas while he was with one of those girls and was promptly stiffed while the girl embarrassed apologized as Tiger was yet texting some other girl. Get a life people and see right from wrong instead of black and white.


Chicago : Obama is an excellent speaker... But, well, he gives speeches frequently.... But just don't expect Tiger to be even 10% doing that well in public speaking... Tiger is a golfer... For him to give a 13 minutes public speech knowing it will be to a vast audience, he should be very uneasy... So for someone criticising him as not speaking his own words without a script, I really think the critic is unfair expectations.


"Empty vessels make the most noise". I can't imagine what I read and heard .. These women ("empty vessels") have no class nor shame. When women talked to people the behavour of their ex-partners, horrible ! Will any man dare to take them on as girlfriends or mistresses or wives ? Watch out for possibility of your spending habits or sex conversation being disclosed by them even if you had just have flings. I am thinking of something to best describe these women... THEY ARE SHARKS !


Shameless women grabbing any opportunity for their remaining minutes of fame ! Just low class !


Tyrone: Regarding "Tiger paid for nothing", you must be the type who believein every word said by those x mistresses.. Think about it...If those women have no monetary benefit in staying as mistresses of Tiger, will they still be his mistress ? These mistresses are IN for money... The reason now they are blackmouthing Tiger (eg saying Tiger didn't tips when out) is because they were furious that the "man" is leaving them for good... Anyone can see that they are gold-diggers trying to grab every remaining Tiger-related opportunities now (eg selling voicetexts, publishing book, hope that a TV program will sign them on, strip at playboy etc) ...To be frank, these women are horribly "low" in talking out sex conversations and ex-relatinships details... They really disgrace women !!!!!!


Only Howard has the balls to come up with such a thing. Howard, you the man!!!


Pamela you need to do some research also...Tiger paid for nothing,flew them coach mostly on Southwest,and when they did go out it was expected by Tiger to be comp and to make matters worse the man did not just cheat on his wife,misrepresent himself as a husband and father let countless kids down and give those kids all the wrong ideas about life. plus the guy never tipped...


Sandy I know this is about Tiger but if you think Obama can deliver a speech without a teleprompter you are grossly wrong,just google Obama teleprompter breaks,happened more than once,or when the college student from Florida asked him an unscripted question we got to see the real Prez...check it out do some research...It might just change your mind.


What's that shit growing out of that dude's neck? Did he swallow a rock or some shit?

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