Jamie Jungers Wins Tiger Woods Mistress Pageant!

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Radio magnate Howard Stern held his long-awaited beauty pageant for Tiger Woods' mistresses Wednesday, with Jaime Jungers taking home the dubious honors.

To the victor goes a $75,000 cash prize. And that to the hush money he likely paid to keep her from blabbing to the press or Elin Woods, and she did pretty well!

Tiger Woods Rollin'

Jamie Jungers' win came after she answered most of the leering questions the radio legend threw her way, including those about Woods' anatomical endowments.

She's a classy chick, no doubt.

Also competing in the contest, which is simultaneously sad, absurd and hilarious, were Loredana Jolie and Jaimee Grubbs, who pocketed $15,000 as runners-up.

Jamie Jungers takes home the prestigious honor.

It was no surprise to see Grubbs taking part in the pageant, given that she shamelessly sold Tiger Woods' voicemail and has given umpteen interviews about him.

Loredana Jolie? No surprise there either. We would have loved to see a higher turnout, though. What else do you have going on, Cori Rist? Or you, Theresa Rogers?

Rachel Uchitel was barred from competing, due to her settlement with Tiger, which might have altered the results. Did the right woman win? Vote in our poll below!

Did Jamie deserve to win this prestigious honor, or should it have gone to another cocktail waitress? Which Tiger Woods mistress is the hottest?


Is nobody going to blame the true culprit here,so glad none of you are in my life,none of can put a rational thought together to save your life.Either it is a angry comment or what I see as true racism towards these girls and Howard Stern.These girls did what most of you do except not with Tiger,who is calling the kettle black. LOOKS LIKE MOST OF YOU ARE.


Yes, these women are very disgusting...total disgrace for women..


These women are "trash" and unbelievably lack of shame and guilt !


One of the commentator of this article said the girls are young and naive.... Are you kidding ? Those women are naive... They are the most shameless and gold-digger women I saw in my life ! The most way to describe them (definitely NOT naive) are horribly
LOW-CLASS and hopeless !


These women are disgusting and beyond shameful.... Totally disgrace for women... The event organiser is "low"


That guy behind the hos is he the pimp? If he is maybe the dude should get some heavy duty plastic surgery. Sure he has the doe. Does he know he looks like an insect? Maybe there is nothing the surgeons could do. Too bad.


They make money while a wife and two kids are going to live with this humiliation for the rest of their lives. Do they have any remorse at all ? They love being in the spotlight !!! They must be so proud of themselves : QUEEN OF THE SLUTS. What an achievement. Their parents must be so proud of them.
Disgusting and beyond shameful. As a woman they make me want to puke !!!
Howard Stern by the way : do you think your wife marry you for your look ? Better mind your own business because we never know ..


Nobody ever said Tiger had taste But he sure like those blondes guess he was on to something oh michael jordan he likes blondes to who else charles barkley kobe oj do we see a pattern here


They all look (and clearly are) slutty; there is no beauty in them at all.


Who is the ugly bastard with Tiger’s hos? He looks like a horny hyena with his balls loped off. Fucken guy needs some serious makeup.

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