Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi: True Love in Pictures

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Last night on The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka chose Vienna Girardi to be his wife. Or at least fiancee for the next 6-8 weeks 'til the "lightning hot" chemistry wears off.

We're just kidding. Mostly. While his pick shocked and appalled many viewers, Jake is clearly on cloud nine. We wish them the best and hope they beat the odds.

As far as this "Maverick" Bachelor is concerned, Vienna's haters can kiss off. While they cried tears of sadness last night, Jake and Vienna only shed tears of joy.

Here's a picture of the magical moment ...

Jake Proposes

Jake asks Vienna Girardi to be the future Mrs. Pavelka.

Click to enlarge lots more photos from the 2010 Bachelor finale, mostly featuring the newly-engaged couple, but also with some shots of sad runner-up Tenley Molzahn.

We hope the sweet fan favorite from Oregon will be able to get past this heartbreak. Surely looking at this gallery of Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi won't help.

Avert your eyes, Tenley and Tenley fans ...

Vienna and Jake on The Bachelor
Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi Pic
Future Mrs. Pavelka
Vienna Girardi, Jake Pavelka Pic
Bachelor Embrace
Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka Picture
Jake and Vienna Photo
Vienna Sucks
Vienna Girardi and Pimp
Jake Pavelka, Tenley Molzahn Picture
Tenley Molzahn: The Bachelor
Sweet, Sweet Tenley
Inspecting the Hardware

Will Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi last?


I wonder what is going to happen when Jake's massive ego and Vienna's need to be on a pedestal collide with each other.


Oh!!!!what a terrible mistake,evryone saw it but me.i bet you people,we'll soon hear this from Jake..i hope ABC ll make a show of it,i guess evry1 wld luv it. and Tenley,u nid be happy a loser like Jake dint chose u..i dont care what any vienna fan thinks.they can all .....................


I'm very happy for them, Vienna is a great fit for him. It's amazing that having long blonde hair, and a tan can outrage so many people. It must have, I haven't personally seen anything else that she has done that could otherwise make people "disgusted". I think a few people need a big fat spoonful of "Get a life."


NEXXXT....post the vid, stills of the vid, play by play of the vid....what is next, move on you fools, geez


i wanted tenley to win. but if he really loves her then they should be together. who are we to say who he should marry. maybe she isnt this horrible person the magz paint her to be.


this just makes me sick

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