Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi: True Love in Pictures

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Last night on The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka chose Vienna Girardi to be his wife. Or at least fiancee for the next 6-8 weeks 'til the "lightning hot" chemistry wears off.

We're just kidding. Mostly. While his pick shocked and appalled many viewers, Jake is clearly on cloud nine. We wish them the best and hope they beat the odds.

As far as this "Maverick" Bachelor is concerned, Vienna's haters can kiss off. While they cried tears of sadness last night, Jake and Vienna only shed tears of joy.

Here's a picture of the magical moment ...

Jake Proposes

Jake asks Vienna Girardi to be the future Mrs. Pavelka.

Click to enlarge lots more photos from the 2010 Bachelor finale, mostly featuring the newly-engaged couple, but also with some shots of sad runner-up Tenley Molzahn.

We hope the sweet fan favorite from Oregon will be able to get past this heartbreak. Surely looking at this gallery of Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi won't help.

Avert your eyes, Tenley and Tenley fans ...

Vienna and Jake on The Bachelor
Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi Pic
Future Mrs. Pavelka
Vienna Girardi, Jake Pavelka Pic
Bachelor Embrace
Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka Picture
Jake and Vienna Photo
Vienna Sucks
Vienna Girardi and Pimp
Jake Pavelka, Tenley Molzahn Picture
Tenley Molzahn: The Bachelor
Sweet, Sweet Tenley
Inspecting the Hardware

Will Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi last?


jake i have no idea what wronng with you how can yyou pick vienna over tenley ?


Ali is a drama queen on the show, she left the show because of her work, and now she's the next bachelorette. I don't think it was really for work, could be for Americans help for her to be next Bachelorette. I doubts about that ! Left for work or next Bachelorette. Because the last 4th person sent home will be the bachelor / bachelorette.


GO Vienna!! Booo Ali for being a bully, manipulative and just a plain ol' hater...all the best to Jake and Vienna..they are a good match, thats who he picked to marry and the girls are just pumping up the media because they are jealous


What does a 31 year-old man see in an immature 23 year-old with a horrible dye job and a tramp stamp? Something tells me Jake isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.


You all need to shut up about Vienna. Boohoo, Tenley the guarded-can't-stop-talking-about-her-ex husband-life-is-rainbows-and-kittens didn't "win." Pretty sure it's not about winning and losing, anyway, idiots. While Tenley is a sweet and genuine person (I liked both her and Vienna) she obviously wasn't right for Jake who essentially needs someone fun and playful, like Vienna (as Jake somewhat stated). Who's to say we even have any say about the relationship? We were not behind closed doors with any of them, so grow a brain and some common sense and refrain from thinking you know the details. Yes, have your opinions, but don't believe the money-grubbing tabloids and gossip. My comment wins, f you all.


I really don't think she's that cute, but there was definately a passion there that we should all have atleast once in our lives. I don't think it means you should marry that person. She definately needs to mature. When he was with her it seemed as neither of them thought of nothing but FUN, FUN, FUN! Life should be that way, so I hope its real.


SICKNING MUCH ! gosh jake low staanders much? i wanted tenley to win not ugly (n)


wow , i cant stand vienne everything is wrong with her she is such a DRAMA QUEEN! honestly and how she acted the whole season i wouldnt put up with that shit either .


What is actually wrong with VIENNA?
nothing. so stop being jealous of there barbie doll and ken relationship and stop hurting her
imagine how she must feel?


Vienna is amazing!
lets be real..everyone who belives magazines and stupid gossip is foolish
im so happy for them!

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