It's a Justin Bieber World

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My World, if you're in Justin Bieber's shoes, is not just the name of his album ... or his second album, My World 2.0. It's what the teenage baller rules. Hard.

The rest of us just live here. He should really charge rent.

VMA Appearance

Sure, the dude could keep a lid on it sometimes, saying Miley Cyrus isn't his type or that Mariah Carey is past her prime. But his sales back up his attitude.

My World 2.0 topped the album charts this week, making Justin Bieber the youngest male solo artist ever to score a No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

HIS WORLD: Justin Bieber. Cannot. Be. Stopped.

The prepubescent singer is also the youngest male solo artist to score two simultaneous albums in the top five (as My World rounds out this week's list).

With his forthcoming national tour dates and an upcoming April 10 appearance on Saturday Night Live, Bieber is inching closer to pop culture domination.

Oh who are we kidding, he's already dominated. Just be grateful you can even check out our gallery of Justin Bieber pictures and bow down to the king.

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