India to Lindsay Lohan: GTF Out!

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We can totally see an exclusive nightclub or fashion show simply not wanting to deal with the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan and denying her admittance.

The world's largest democracy blacklisting her, however?

Britain's Telegraph reports that government officials in India are mulling whether to ban Lohan permanently from the nation following her December visit.

Too bad she has U.S. citizenship and we can't follow suit.

Filming a BBC documentary about child labor and human trafficking, Lohan claimed she saved 40 kids' lives in a single day during a raid on a sweatshop.

The good news: Those kids were in fact rescued. The bad news? Not by Lindsay. The alleged actress and milkaholic apparently played no actual role in it.

Lindsay did go to India. After that, the facts are as blurry as this pic.

"Over 40 children saved so far ... All within one day's work ... This is what life is about ... Doing THIS is a life worth living!!!" Lindsay bragged on Twitter.

Activists were offended by her boast, and pointed out that the actress arrived in India after the raids in question, and played no part in rescuing the kids.

This led officials to discover she violated India's visa rules: Lohan failed to apply for a work visa for the trip, and illegally filmed a documentary as a tourist.

The Telegraph writes that civil servants in New Delhi are now investigating the case to determine whether Lohan will be added to an immigration blacklist.

So basically, she used the trip to highlight the superficiality of celebrity life, while trying to superficially score points for going, as she didn't do anything.

Way to go, Linds. Just stick to posing like Jesus next time.


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Priya, Hellion, both of you need to grow up, please. Spare us all.


India's visa requirements are totally insane, even for casual tourists. It's literally as if they don't want westerners visiting their country, even though tourism contributes to most of their economy. The result of India's bloated, corrupt, paranoid bureaucracy. They should be flattered to let even a loser like Lohan in their country.


hellion - good luck in life!! You are the epitomy of US ignorance.


I ask you who is worse, a person who visits another country and tweets that she saw something positive occur while she was there OR a person who writes an unbelievably superficial, petty post on a Gossip blog? You think Linsday sold her soul? Look in the mirror and think about making a difference in the world before you throw stones.


As much as I despise people like Lindsay, I don't think Lindsay should be banned from traveling to India. It was at best a misunderstanding and at worst flouting an insignificant rule at its very edges. By the way being an Indian American I have seen both America and India. People need to stop being ignorant and racist, that goes for both Indians and Americans. People everywhere are the same in the end. We all work, sweat and die. Well maybe not everyone, there is people like Lindsay! But you know what I mean.


The nasty comments between everyone should probably stop. Since that's not really the point of this. However, I think what Lindsay did was a good thing. Instead of beating her down for doing something good, praise her for doing it. She did a good thing, and instead we're bashing her? That doesn't make any sense.
Angelina does it, and she's a savior. Madonna does it, same thing. But Lindsay does it, and she's the bad guy. There's something wrong there.


Priya, I'm sorry but I was in your country just last year and it smelled really bad. So bad that I had to go take a dump just to get over the stench. I guess that the U.S. can take some credit for the invention of the DUI simply because we drive cars over here and not camels. However, it is my understanding that addiction was around even before my nation was. I would like to also take the time to enlighten you on some of America's other "recent" inventions just in case you were misinformed: the internet, dvds, gas powered fuel cells, smart pill (birth control), pentium processors...etc. Inventions by Indians in past 50 years: curry and rude gas station attendants. Have a nice day!


Good for you,India!
As a disgusted US citizen,I think the Indian government should put
ALL of Hollywood's celebs on their Blacklist.
On second thought,maybe we should put them on OUR blacklist,as well!


Hellion: with the kind of poverty that engulfs our country, we have managed to create individuals with a strong sence of optimism! As for the stench, well you havn't seen the changing phase of India, which cannot be a surprise because even with the kind of education you guys have, it's amazing how ignorant you are about the rest of the world!
If you must know, we have been the best at containing the swine flu from spreading,.. in a country of 1 billion people!
What do u boast of ? Addicts? DUI's? reality show crap?? is this the final result of your so called education?


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